Project Update #13 — May 2023

Dear Community and Investors, For a few months we’ve been hinting at some huge things we’ve been working on behind the scenes, and with agreements signed and sealed we are finally ready to share our biggest news…ever! We hope you’re … Read More

Data Lake and GenomesDAO are Teaming Up!

We are thrilled to announce that Data Lake and GenomesDAO are joining forces! At Data Lake, we’re building and implementing cutting-edge technologies to help advance research, and improve access to treatment. We’re also the technological provider for a groundbreaking system … Read More

Medical Data Donation Gains Traction with a Global Healthcare Company

We believe that medical data donation is the key to unlocking a new era of ethical medical research; research which has the potential to cure many diseases and save the lives of millions. For this medical data donation system to … Read More

Project Update #12 — April 2023

Project Update #12 — April 2023 Dear Community and Investors, This 12th update marks one year of sharing Data Lake’s latest developments and progress with you in our newsletters. We’ve come a long way since the first update, and we’re in an incredibly … Read More

Project Update #11 – March

Dear Community and Investors, Welcome to our March project update! From IT to BizDev and Marketing, our team has worked tirelessly to make this month one of our best yet! All of the accomplishments that you need to know to … Read More

How Data and AI can Accelerate the Personalized Medicine Revolution

Continuous advancements in technology as well as the increasing availability of medical data are paving the way for a new era of healthcare, enabling new ways of treating patients that were unthinkable only a couple of decades ago. Among these, … Read More

The Data Lake Benefits Panel is Live!

We are thrilled to announce that the Data Lake Benefits Panel has been deployed for the very first time! Fundacja Podaruj Dane (Polish Donate Your Data Foundation) has launched a benefits program for their “Data Heroes” and other registered users, … Read More

Announcing our New OTC Desk

Today we are excited to announce the opening of our in-house OTC Desk, where everyone can apply to become a long-term investor in Data Lake! We are allowing new investors to become long-term stakeholders of the project. All LAKE tokens … Read More

Could ChatGPT be your doctor in the future?

The idea of an AI-driven robot taking over our healthcare – one of the most “human” fields that we have – is not a new one, as we discussed in our previous article about Sci-Fi Medicine. Until recently, the idea … Read More

Project Update #10 — February 2023

Dear Community and Investors, Welcome to Data Lake’s 10th Project Update! February has been a HUGE month for us, and we want to share all the important updates, highlights, and milestones hit in the past weeks. From new achievements, product … Read More