Dear Community and Investors,

We wish you all a Happy New Year and we welcome to the first Quarterly Update of Data Lake!

Last year has been say the least eventful for Data Lake: we started it with a vision of building a donation system for medical data, with the DeSci sector being still a small niche and our token just hitting the open market. Then, throughout the year, we refined our concept, redefined our product and set off to build Consentify, an enterprise-grade decentralized patient recruitment system. In the meantime, DeSci claimed its spot among the ongoing narratives in web3 and LAKE evolved as a token together with our vision.

The last quarter of 2023 in particular has been remarkable, with the launch of Consentify, a surge of interest around DeSci and LAKE keeping up with the frenzy! Without further ado, let’s get to the detailed recap of the past 3 months!

🔙 Where were we?

In Q3 2023, among other things, we announced a buyback as well as a massive reduction of the supply of $LAKE through the burn of 5B LAKE and the start of an initiative to incentivize those who provide liquidity for the ETH-LAKE pair.

4 months have passed since those updates, and today we are proud to announce that the LP incentives campaign is indeed sustaining the growth of the liquidity of LAKE on Uniswap V3 (currently sitting at >$300k) and still offers a generous APR for those who may want to become LP providers, while the burn of 66.67% of the LAKE total supply and the deriving new allocations have helped making LAKE one of the best performing tokens of the DeSci sector that grew so much lately.

Last quarter we also hinted at a new protocol that we were going to launch. We were obviously referring to Consentify, more about it in the next paragraph!

✅ We announced Consentify, our disruptive new protocol!

After 6 months of hard work, we were finally able on December 19th to announce Consentify to the world! Consentify is our way to scale the successes we have achieved in the past years in collecting medical data, as it is the first blockchain-based patient recruitment & consent management platform that will democratize medical research!

In brief, Consentify allows researchers to publish bounties in LAKE to collect specific medical data for their research in a compliant and personalizable environment. Then, healthcare providers as clinics and labs can browse research projects available, evaluate the bounties and collect signatures from those among their patients who are interested in contributing to a particular research. The patients can also access Consentify to manage their consent, control how their data is used, and potentially be rewarded with a $LAKE token bounty and health benefits, if a researcher decides to set these up.

Consentify comes also with new use cases for the LAKE token as an access token and a reward token.

We are soon contacting those who we have selected to test the Beta of Consentify and give us their feedback before the public launch. To learn everything about Consentify and discover why it is such disruptive protocol that can really unlock medical research worldwide, read our Medium article here!

But that’s not all! With the public launch of Consentify planned for January 2024, we can’t wait to unveil a series of initiatives to make sure that the traditional healthcare sector as well as the DeSci space will adopt Consentify. Stay tuned!


🚀 DeSci is surging!

Before proceeding with everything else that we’ve delivered and achieved at Data Lake, let’s zoom out and see the progress that DeSci has done as a space!

For those who still don’t know, the word DeSci stands for “Decentralized Science” and indicates a trending movement that aims at introducing a decentralized model to rewrite the rules of science, by leveraging blockchain and Web3 technologies. DeSci means inclusiveness, democracy, fairness.

The last quarter has seen a surge in interest around DeSci, also boosted by the tweet shared by Changpeng Zhao, ex CEO at Binance, who said to be “thinking about how to use crypto to accelerate research funding”. As a consequence, DeSci has been recognized a category on Coingecko, one of the most popular cryptocurrency price-tracking websites, and LAKE was among the very first 5 tokens that were added to the list! Click here to check the category.

Staying on-topic, we have also updated and fixed the data regarding the tokenomics of LAKE on all the most used price-tracking websites, such as CoinMarketCap, Coingecko, DexTools and DexScreener!


📚 Learn everything about Data Lake through our brand new Documentation!

We heard your feedback: our old whitepaper was too long, cumbersome and difficult to read through for many. Moreover, it was difficult to keep it updated on our side.

For this reason, we have recently replaced it with a brand new Documentation on Gitbook! If you want to stay updated or you want to tell about Data Lake to a friend, visit and you’ll have everything about our history, team, product, LAKE token, Partnerships, Audits, and much more at hand!


🎤 Media Presence

Moving on to our media presence, here’s a brief list of the events and conferences our team have attended representing Data Lake!

Starting off with our participation the 6th edition of Roche Polska Startup Day in Warsaw, an awesome occasion for networking in Poland!

Ligia Kornowska, our President of the Board, took the stage also at the 46th World Hospital Congress in Lisbon!

Data Lake’s CTO Oliver Slapal has met the community of Ethereum builders in Istanbul for Devconnect.

Data Lake was honored to be part of the British Swiss Chamber of Commerce event in Basel, Switzerland, delving into conversations that about the future of data-driven healthcare.

Ligia Kornowska also rocked the stage at the Data Science Conference – the biggest AI event worldwide – in Belgrade, Serbia.

Last but not least, Ligia presented our vision to a fantastic audience at the FinTech Digital Conference!

💥 Web3 Marketing and Achievements

Thanks to a more stimulating environment in DeSci and to the intense work schedule of our team, Data Lake surpassed 10k followers on Twitter (now X), constantly growing to 13k followers now! Such sustained growth has also attracted the attention of many crypto KOLs, many of which have been writing about Data Lake to their communities, too!


To update our community, we have held on December 20th the #9 episode of our traditional AMA with the Founders, during which we elaborated about Consentify and we gave hints of what comes next for Data Lake. To listen to it, click here.


Last but not least, Be in Crypto, one of the most popular crypto media outlets, has hosted a PR about the launch of our revolutionary product, Consentify! Click here to check it out!

🔚 Looking ahead

And that was all for our first Quarterly Update! For all our supporters, thank you for being an integral part to this journey. Your unwavering support fuels our passion to continue pushing boundaries and redefining the future of healthcare everyday.

P.S. Stay tuned for the announcement of our roadmap for 2024!


Here’s to a successful 2024!

Warm regards,

The Data Lake Team

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