Data Lake and Sanofi Join Forces to Create a Rare Disease Patient Registry

Warsaw, June 11, 2024 Press Release Data Lake, an innovative startup specializing in medical data management, partners with Sanofi Polska, a leader in the pharmaceutical industry. The aim of this partnership is to create the first patient registry in Poland … Read More

Bridging the Future of Healthcare: Data Lake and Axon DAO Partnership

In the emerging landscape of DeSci, the collaboration between Data Lake and Axon DAO marks a significant step towards revolutionizing medical data management and research. From shared visions to practical synergies, this partnership underscores a commitment to innovation and patient … Read More

Unveiling the Data Lake Chain: Revolutionizing Science with our own Blockchain!

Since our inception in 2019, Data Lake has been dedicated to unlocking the potential of medical data to advance healthcare research. We are thrilled to announce the next significant step to fulfill our mission and much more. Brace yourself: today … Read More

Project Update #19 – Q1 2024

Dear Community, Welcome to Data Lake’s latest quarterly update! In Q1 2024, we saw significant growth and achievement. We are thrilled to announce that we successfully accomplished all the goals we set at the beginning of the year for the … Read More

It’s Official: The first CEX Listing for LAKE is BitGet!

We are thrilled to announce that the LAKE token will be officially listed on BitGet on Friday 22nd March at 12:00 pm UTC! This inaugural listing marks a significant milestone in our journey towards enhancing liquidity and accessibility for our … Read More

Disrupting a $100 B market: A Case Study on Decentralized Search for Clinical Trial Participants through a Networked Referral System in Poland

Clinical trials play a crucial role in advancing medical research and innovation, yet the process of recruiting participants presents significant challenges. Traditional recruitment strategies rely heavily on centralized databases or recruitment agencies, which often fail to reach individuals who could … Read More

Unveiling Data Lake App’s Second Bug Bounty Program with up to 750,000 $LAKE worth around $26k* up for grabs!

At Data Lake, we believe in the power of collaboration and innovation to drive positive change in healthcare. Building upon the success of our inaugural program, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our second Bug Bounty initiative, offering … Read More

Data Lake Application to hit Public Launch with a Grant program opened!

In the landscape of medical research, the journey from patient recruitment to data acquisition has always been fraught with inefficiencies and ethical concerns. The complexities inherent in this process have led to delays, exorbitant costs, and a lack of transparency, … Read More

Data Lake secures a Strategic Partnership with a top 10 Pharma Company for a Rare Disease Registry – a Case Study

A disease attains the “rare” designation when affecting <1:2,000 in the European Union and <1:200,000 in the US 1. Contrary to common perception, the impact of rare diseases is substantial. Nearly 8,000 rare disorders have been identified, affecting an estimated … Read More

Updating and Improving the Data Lake dApp: A Leap Towards Efficiency and Simplicity

On December 5th, 2022, Data Lake launched its Decentralized Application (dApp) at to provide users with a hub to manage their $LAKE tokens. Then, in August 2023, the dApp became also the place to make it easier to create and … Read More