In the emerging landscape of DeSci, the collaboration between Data Lake and Axon DAO marks a significant step towards revolutionizing medical data management and research. From shared visions to practical synergies, this partnership underscores a commitment to innovation and patient empowerment. Let’s delve deeper into the compelling narrative that brought our entities together!


Understanding Axon DAO

Axon DAO’s inception in 2014 as a telemedicine startup laid the foundation for its remarkable evolution. Since then, Axon developed patient-centered applications and worked closely with leading clinical data providers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Years later, in 2021, inspired by the transformative potential of blockchain technology, Axon transitioned into a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

 AxonDAO is building an agent-based structure and projects to revolutionize the healthcare landscape by leveraging algorithms as agents acting on behalf of user decisions. The primary aim of AxonDAO is to empower patients by giving them control over their own medical data, enabling them to manage, share, and monetize their data securely while preserving their privacy.

The content of the partnership

With the public launch of our App in February 2024, we at Data Lake have opened up the possibility for other healthcare entities and DeSci projects to finally unlock medical data consent collection and management. The feedback has been overwhelming, and we have signed numerous partnerships in the institutional healthcare world as well as within DeSci. These results. together with the imminent launch of the Data Lake Chain, make us confident in our mission to emerge as industry standard!

As a leading DeSci protocol in research and health data, Axon DAO recognized the value of our solution, and together we closed a mutually-beneficial partnership poised to advance our shared objectives.

The partnership between Data Lake and Axon DAO encompasses at least two fields, namely:

  • Axon DAO to integrate the Data Lake Application for all its research projects! Our team is currently working with Axon DAO to integrate the Data Lake App directly within Axon DAO consent collection system to streamline the process for users and ensure seamless and secure consent management across ALL their research projects! This integration reinforces Axon DAO’s commitment to leveraging best-in-class solutions for their community, click here to see their announcement.
  • Data Lake joins the “Health Data Alliance” (HDA)! Another point of collaboration is Data Lake joining the “Health Data Alliance“, an initiative started by Axon DAO to foster collaboration and innovation within key stakeholders in healthcare and DeSci to accelerate medical research, and empower patients to take control of their health data. With its patient-centric approach, the HDA aims at creating an environment where its members can provide information about the data structures they collect. Although the initiative was only announced in May 2024, it already includes projects as Axon DAO, Data Lake, Hippocrat, PoSciDon DAO, with more projects to join in the near future!


  • And more… The physical proximity of Axon DAO’s CTO to Data Lake’s office in Warsaw, Poland, facilitates regular collaboration and ensures alignment on shared goals. This close connection underscores the synergistic relationship between the two entities and sets the stage for future collaborations.

Embracing the Cooperative Future of DeSci

DeSci unlocks higher transparency, better accessibility, but also the possibility for protocols to focus on a specific problem and then easily integrate with others to give birth to competitive complex solutions paving the way for a brighter future in healthcare.

The partnership between Data Lake and Axon DAO represents a shared commitment to innovation, collaboration, and patient empowerment. Looking ahead, Data Lake remains committed to expanding its network of partnerships and unlocking the full potential of the DeSci Value Chain. With ongoing collaborations and positive feedback since its inception, the Data Lake App is poised to make significant contributions to the advancement of medical data management and research.

Stay tuned for more partnerships and updates as we keep working to advance medical research and save lives!

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