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Welcome to Data Lake’s latest quarterly update! In Q1 2024, we saw significant growth and achievement. We are thrilled to announce that we successfully accomplished all the goals we set at the beginning of the year for the past three months, including the public launch of the Data Lake App and the listing of LAKE on a major cryptocurrency exchange (CEX). Additionally, our media presence and visibility within the DeSci community have continued to expand, positioning us as a leader in the space. This and much more in the following report, let’s get to it!

🗓 Where were we?

Looking back at the previous quarter, we began by gathering feedback from a select group of beta testers for the Data Lake App, ensuring that it was fine-tuned and ready for public release. During this time, DeSci gained traction and recognition within the crypto sector, further solidifying our position in the market. We also prioritized the development and publication of comprehensive documentation, which has been regularly updated to provide users with the most up-to-date information.

🚀 The first CEX listing for LAKE!

Let’s now get back to the Q1 2024 project update. The Ethereum blockchain can easily get congested, requiring gas fees to complete transactions that are unaffordable for many. To expand LAKE’s reach and respond to the community’s feedback, we have secured the first listing for LAKE on a CEX, opening doors for seamless exchanges. We’re thrilled to announce that LAKE is now available on BitGet, a leading CEX boasting a vast user base of over 20 million spread across 100 countries, and boasting a top 4 position in trading volume and ranking as the 4th largest derivative trading platform per CoinMarketCap at the time of the listing announcement.

✨ The Data Lake App goes live!

On February 28th, after months of meticulous development, the Data Lake App was unveiled to the public at In harmony with the principles of the DeSci movement, our pioneering blockchain-based platform revolutionizes patient recruitment and consent management, democratizing medical research and beyond! With the launch of the App, we also unlocked new use cases for $LAKE, which now serves as an access and incentive token for those who use the App.

While the App is already facilitating research, you can participate in the second phase of our Bug Bounty initiative, open to everyone holding a minimum of 10,000 LAKE in their wallets. Learn more about this exciting opportunity here and join the hunt for bugs!


✅ All KPIs hit for the Q1 Roadmap!

We are proud to announce that we have successfully achieved all key priorities and KPIs for the previous quarter! Among our accomplishments, we’ve secured a significant collaboration with a large enterprise and initiated 15 new research projects on the Data Lake Application. These achievements, accomplished within a short timeframe, underscore the critical role of our patient recruitment platform. Our team’s dedication to delivering results is unwavering, and we invite you to stay tuned for the forthcoming Q2 roadmap, where we aim to build upon our successes.

🔬 Three new Case Studies published!

Data Lake and its App are already having an impact on the world! Over the recent months, we’ve unveiled three groundbreaking Case Studies spotlighting the profound impact of our solutions within the healthcare landscape. Check our docs to learn more about:

  • “Data Lake secures a Strategic Partnership with a top 10 Pharma Company for a Rare Disease“
  • “Pathway analysis in a population with specific diagnosis or drugs prescribed“
  • “Disrupting a $100 B market: A Case Study on Decentralized Search for Clinical Trial Participants through a Networked Referral System in Poland“

Web3 Marketing and Achievements

DeSci is growing rapidly! The sector has been the protagonist of features in leading platforms such as Messari Crypto’s 2024 report, Coingecko, and Binance’s Academy. These highlight DeSci’s increasing prominence in the crypto sector.

But that’s far from all! During the past three months, Data Lake was featured in a number of events and interviews with notable names in the space.

First of all, Data Lake sponsored and participated in the DeSci London conference, held at Imperial College London on March 23-24th! During the event, Data Lake Cofounder Ligia Kornowska rocked the stage with her workshop on the App and her speech on Data Lake’s journey to being a profitable company. The event was also key to meet other builders and shape the future of DeSci.

CEO Wojciech Sierocki met with Dr. Martin Hiesboeck, Head of Research at UpHold, to discuss the importance of ethically sourced data in medical research. Listen to the interview here.

Wojciech also attended ‘The Future of Decentralized AI’ X Space hosted by DeFi Discussion, exploring emerging trends in decentralized artificial intelligence. Listen to the space here.

Our CEO also participated in an AMA session on the subreddit r/CryptoCurrency, engaging with the community to address inquiries about Data Lake and its relevance in the crypto space. Check the AMA post here and join Data Lake’s new subreddit!

He joined X Space organized by AuraSci, immersing in discussions around ‘DeSci Horizon: Data Beyond Borders’ and its implications for global data management. Listen to the space here.

Last but not least, Sierocki also conducted an interview with Bionic DAO, elaborating on Data Lake’s mission, revenue streams, and the integration of Blockchain & $LAKE to empower researchers, doctors, and patients while envisioning the future of DeSci. Watch the interview here.

🔚 Closing thoughts

If Q1 impressed you with our achievements and project progress, you’ll be astounded by what’s coming next! Data Lake, founded by two visionary medical doctors driven to unlock the potential of medical data, is rapidly evolving into an industry leader. Yet, our journey is far from over, and your continued support means the world to us. For the latest updates and insights, be sure to connect with us on our various social media platforms:

Join us as we revolutionize the world of medical data!

Warm regards,

The Data Lake Team

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