We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone for Data Lake: the long-awaited launch of the Data Lake Chain – powered by Arbitrum Orbit! We are releasing the Data Lake Chain initially as a public Testnet, with the Mainnet scheduled to go live later this year.

This launch marks the achievement of our primary goal and KPI for this quarter. Most importantly, it is a critical step in building a robust, secure, efficient, and scalable infrastructure, aligned with our mission to drive the largest implementation of blockchain in healthcare!

Keep reading to learn more about the tech behind the Chain and how you can interact with the Mokotow Testnet today!


A Fast, Scalable and Cost-Effect Layer 3 built on Arbitrum Orbit!

The Data Lake Chain not only is a pivotal component for the $LAKE token and the overall business strategy of Data Lake, but also as a testament of our commitment to build the go-to rollup solution for DeSci projects and healthcare institutions!

One of the primary reasons for the implementation of the Data Lake Chain is our growing need to execute the Patients Recruitment on-chain transactions in a scalable environment.

Designed as a Layer 3, the Data Lake Chain offers the necessary scalability, promising smooth and efficient operations as the platform expands towards millions of consents, while maintaining the highest degree of security. The Data Lake Chain also opens up the possibility for our stakeholders to become node operators within the system and own a copy of the chain, reducing their risk and dependence on the decentralised network. This autonomy is particularly important to some of our enterprise stakeholders who prefer to have greater control and assurance over the data and processes they are involved with.

The Data Lake Chain leverages Arbitrum Orbit, a permissionless framework for launching customizable dedicated rollups developed by Arbitrum, one of the leading Ethereum Layer 2 solutions. At this Testnet stage, our Chain operates as a Layer 3 that settles on Arbitrum Sepolia, which in turn, settles its transactions on the Ethereum Sepolia network. This configuration ensures exceptional scalability and the highest standards of blockchain security provided by Ethereum, aligning with our goal to drive innovation in decentralized consent management.

Introducing the Data Lake Mokotow Testnet!

The Data Lake Chain will debut with its Mokotow Testnet, named after the vibrant neighborhood of Warsaw where our office is located. The chain ID, 2676, reflects the zip code of this area, symbolizing our strong connection to our roots. The Mokotow Testnet is the successor of the internal Kuzawa Testnet, which went live in March 2024 – click here to see the announcement.

Connecting to the Data Lake Mokotow Testnet is straightforward and familiar to anyone who has used an EVM network: simply visit our block explorer built on Blockscout, scroll down, and click the “Add Data Lake Mokotow Testnet” button on the left!

Alternatively, you can manually add the chain by entering the following parameters in the dedicated section of your preferred wallet:

RPC URL: https://rpc-mokotow.data-lake.co

Chain ID: 2676

Token Name: mLAKE

Explorer URL: https://explorer.data-lake.co

Faucet: https://faucet.data-lake.co/

Understanding the Testnet Environment

It is important to note that the Data Lake Mokotow Testnet is a testing environment, recommended only for advanced users and professionals with prior experience with using and transacting on Blockchain. The tokens used within this testnet do not hold any monetary value and are solely intended for testing purposes. To obtain these tokens, users can use the faucet, with a daily limit of 1000 tokens per user. Eligibility will be verified, and tokens will be distributed accordingly.


The launch of the Data Lake Chain is a monumental achievement for our team and a crucial step forward in our mission to innovate and lead in the decentralized science space. We invite our community and stakeholders to join us in testing this new infrastructure as we prepare for the mainnet launch.

Terms and Conditions apply. For more detailed information, please refer to our Terms & Conditions.

Thank you for your continued support and participation in this exciting journey. Together, we are building a more secure and scalable future for decentralized science.

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