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Consent Management & Patient Engagement System

Patient Recruitment & Consent Management

Manage electronic consents and streamline patient enrollment into different projects

Recruiting patients into a clinical trial? Conducting retrospective research? Or maybe collecting medical and marketing consents? With Data Lake Application we’ve got you covered!

Patient Recruitment

Generate revenue and optimize patient recruitment by:

Consent Management

Stay compliant and mitigate legal risks by:

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Patient recruitment to a retrospective, observational study

Data Lake Application was used to recruit a cohort of over 500 patients to a retrospective, observational study aimed at analyzing breast cancer patients' pathways. Patient recruitment strategy involved working with a physicians' referral network as well as wide consent collection in healthcare facilities and through patient associations. Data Lake application was used to collect consent forms from patients at a registration desk, in doctor offices and remotely (through social media and email campaigns).

Patient recruitment to a rare disease registry ​

This scientific study involved consent and survey collection from a population of patients with a rare disease (children, adolescents and adults). To meet the recruitment target in this project it was critical to reach patient from diverse age groups, both physically and virtually, with a possibility of collecting consents from both the patient and their legal guardian. Through Data Lake Application, registry participants had full control over their consents and could manage them in real time. Physicians recruiting patients could collect consents on their mobile devices, invite patients to fill out a survey and give consents via email and track enrollments statistics easily.



  • up to 1.000 consents collected
  • up to 300 text messages
  • 1 admin account
  • up to 3 referral accounts

You can access the system permissionlessly by proving ownership of at least 10.000 LAKE tokens in your wallet.


  • API Integration
  • On-premise or Cloud Hosting
  • Custom Adjustments
  • Personnel Training
  • Dedicated SLA
  • 24/7×365 Assistance
  • Implementation Support

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Inspiring trust in science

Due to the use of the blockchain technology and our Patient Portal, every patient stays in control of their data and can give or revoke consents whenever they wish from the comfort of their home. We empower patients to be active participants in research studies. 

Due to undeniable proof of consent on the blockchain, we’ve got your back in case of any doubt or legal dispute. Our system was created by leading experts in European data and healthcare law such as the GDPR and Data Governance Act.

We are the first entity to build and implement the technological and infrastructural system for pan-European medical data donation, based on the Data Governance Act and European Health Data Space legislation. 

Data Lake Application allows you to track the recruitment across different channels. You will know exactly, who recruited how many patients and when. You will be able to easily generate reports and statistics and share it in real time with your study sponsor. 

Our system solves some of the biggest challenges in medical research.

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