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Ethical data
for healthier and longer lives.

We help advance research and improve access to treatment.

We supply an unprecedented depth of insight based on real world clinical data. We do it by empowering patients to easily consent to sharing their medical history through our data donation framework.

Powered by Medical Data Donation

Data Lake is proud to work together with the Donate Your Data Foundation and the Ethical Data Coalition. Through our Patient Portal, patients can easily consent to share their medical history and test results, giving themselves hope for a healthier future and joining our vibrant community of Data Heroes.

We respect the highest ethical, cybersecurity and legal standards, including compliance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Governance Act (DGA). We ensure that all data donated by Data Heroes is used for public good and in a pro-patient manner, in line with the governance of global medical data donation.

Inspiring trust in science

We follow highest ethical standards of data access. Working in partnership with the Global Medical Data Donation program, all of the pseudonymised or personal data we source is collected with the informed consent of the patient concerned. With our technological system, patients provide legal consent for us to access their data and they can revoke consent at any time, in line with EU legislation for consent-based secondary data usage.

We are the first entity to build and implement the technological and infrastructural system for pan-European medical data donation, based on the Data Governance Act and European Health Data Space legislation. Transfers of data are vetted through an independent Transparency Council, which includes representatives from patients’ organizations.

Due to recent EU legislation and our unique positioning, we are able to source an unprecedented amount of data with proven provenance from sources that have never been easily accessible to researchers before, such as healthcare facilities and hospitals, diagnostic labs, wearables, health apps and others. Our multi-source data can be incrementally updated, providing you with a longitudinal and complete view of patients across the entire patient pathway.

Our system was created by leading experts in European data and healthcare law such as the GDPR and Data Governance Act, and has passed through stringent third-party legal assessment. Combined with the right technologies, we can provide legal certainty that the anonymized data we provide you with was collected legally, and with informed consent. Alongside our strict data processing protocols, our system sets the industry standard for legal compliance.

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