Data Lake

Data Lake Ecosystem

The Data Lake Ecosystem

We believe in the power of community and decentralized science.

Data Lake was born as a grassroots initiative focused on patient-centricity and privacy. It is powered by the LAKE token, issued to animate and empower patient communities.

The Data Lake ecosystem leverages Web3 technology to facilitate ethical and democratic data access. Our ecosystem aligns all stakeholders, including patients, researchers and healthcare entities, and each stakeholder has a role in the data lifecycle, contributing to and benefiting from the ecosystem in an ethical and equitable way.

The key to the success of our ecosystem is its focus on animating and empowering patient communities. By leveraging the transparency and control inherent in Web3 technology, patients are no longer passive subjects but active participants. They can contribute their data, understand how it's being used, and also reap benefits from its use, creating a sense of ownership and participation. This increases both trust and participation, as patients understand that their data is not only secure, but also used in a way that benefits them and their community. The role of a native token in the Data Lake ecosystem is pivotal in driving animation and empowerment of patient communities.

By introducing a token into the system, our ecosystem is not only democratizing data access, but also creating vibrant and engaged communities in which patients are incentivized and empowered to participate.

LAKE Token Smart Contract Address





Blockchain for
Donor Consents


Blockchain for
LAKE Token

LAKE Token Panel

Our token panel allows people to view and interact with our token on the Ethereum blockchain.

OTC Desk & Strategic Partnerships

For those interested in long-term support of Data Lake, we have opened a token OTC desk and have an on-going strategic partnership & investment program. Click below to find out more and apply.

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