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Data Processing & Governance Tools

Data Processing & Governance Tools

Everything you need to process health data compliantly

We help you navigate the complex legal, compliance, communication and technological landscape to get access to high-quality, ethically-sourced health data


Here’s why Data Protection Officers love working with us:
  • We know how to communicate with patients

    • We work with over a dozen of patients organizations and with the Donate Your Data Foundation, that help us in developing transparent, honest, and simple communications to data subjects,

  • Legal framework and forms

    • We design and evaluate data processing activities, applying inter alia “privacy by design” and “privacy by default” principles. We prepare consent forms and relevant legal communication materials to stay compliant with GDPR, DGA and other applicable regulations.

  • We collaborate with the Ethical Data Coalition

    • We ensure that data is used for public good in line with established governance. We do this in collaboration with the Ethical Data Coalition to ensure the highest ethical standards of your operations.

Data Donation Campaigns

We help you launch a consent collection campaign for a targeted population
  • Campaign design and management

    • We design all the patient materials and processes for your data donation campaigns targeted to your audience to significantly increase conversion rates.

  • Stakeholder Engagement

    • We can involve external stakeholders (KOLs, PAGs) in your data access procedures to ensure the highest ethical and communication standards of the data access process.

  • Personnel training

    • We train your personnel from communication and legal aspects to turn them into Data Donation Ambassadors.


Battle-tested integration, data structuring and anonymization tools
  • Data Transfer

    • We’ve designed a process that’s simple, familiar to the hospital IT team and effective. Our solution allows us to build a data pipeline with any hospital within days.

  • Data Anonymization

    • State-of-the-art, robust and secure data anonymization in line with the most stringent requirements.

Deeper, more comprehensive data

Now possible thanks to our technology and key EU Legislation

The Data Governance Act and other key EU legislative packages provide the legal framework for the consent-based used of medical data for research and development. We use Distributed Ledger Technology to provide legally-provable instances of consent, gathered through our global medical data donation program. The result? Better insights from more comprehensive data sets for researchers, gathered ethically and based on user consent.

Inspiring trust in science

Due to the use of the blockchain technology and our Patient Portal, every patient stays in control of their data and can give or revoke consents whenever they wish from the comfort of their home. We empower patients to be active participants in research studies. 

Due to undeniable proof of consent on the blockchain, we’ve got your back in case of any doubt or legal dispute. Our system was created by leading experts in European data and healthcare law such as the GDPR and Data Governance Act.

We are the first entity to build and implement the technological and infrastructural system for pan-European medical data donation, based on the Data Governance Act and European Health Data Space legislation. 

Data Lake Application allows you to track the recruitment across different channels. You will know exactly, who recruited how many patients and when. You will be able to easily generate reports and statistics and share it in real time with your study sponsor. 

Our system solves some of the biggest challenges in medical research.

We would love to hear from you.

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