Data Lake


The Data Lake Team

Wojtek Sierocki

CEO, Data Lake
Wojtek is a medical doctor, humanitarian and serial entrepreneur. Forbes 25 under 25 and 30 under 30, he led a telemedicine startup in Kenya and built a digital patient's pathway solution for private healthcare. After spending a large portion of the pandemic working in an ER ward, Wojtek returned to his passion of working at the frontier of humanity's technological progress.

Ligia Kornowska

President of the Board, Data Lake
Medical doctor and thought leader, Ligia has been featured in Forbes' 25 under 25 and 30 under 30 lists, as well as being named in the top 100 Women in AI and the top 100 Most Influential People in Polish Healthcare. She is also the managing director of the Polish Hospital Federation, and is driven by a belief in the possibility to effect positive change in the world around us, and that using big data and AI ethically will revolutionise medicine.

Oliver Šlapal

CTO & Co-founder
Oliver is a web3 expert with a strong IT-focused background, experienced in particular with Fullstack and Blockchain (EVM and Rust) development, AI, Big Data and Algorithms. He has angel-funded and advised some of the most major crypto projects, while also taking a role of a partner in a Blockchain VC. Not just experienced on the technical side, he has been an entrepreneur for more than 5 years (and in crypto for the last 3), launching several startups with successful exits.

Dinidh O'Brien

Head of International & Public Relations
Communications and brand-building expert, Dinidh has 10+ years of experience in capturing mindshare for startups, Fortune 500s and non-profits. He has helped found multiple companies, specializing in advising on the early adoption of emerging technologies. He first contributed to a top 20 blockchain project in 2013. His background includes work on public-interest and EU-funded projects, including cooperation with the European Parliament and Commission.

Andrea Dicorato

Web3 Lead
Andrea is the creator of one of the leading crypto-adoption communities in Italy, as well as the Italian PancakeSwap community. He has years of community management and communications experience, and specialises in onboarding newcomers to crypto projects.

Sofí Introcaso

Video & Graphics Specialist
Sofi has a degree in Film & Visual Arts and broad creative expertise, ranging from visual design & production to creative project management. From branding to videos and animation, Sofi is skilled in designing engaging communications across public, corporate and non-profit sectors.

Leszek Król

DevOps, FullStack Developer
Leszek is experienced in helping companies and institutions to design strategies and develop new tech products and services. In recent years, he has helped co-create over five hundred IT projects for both Polish and international clients.

Vlad Starostenko

Fullstack Blockchain Engineer
Vlad has worked on several ventures related to crypto and blockchain during the last three years. He was previously at Ethworks and 0xb1 Team (Polkadot, Waffle, Fodl Finance).

Marcin Bożek

Senior Backend Developer
Lead developer with over 12 years of experience in the IT industry. Marcin is highly-experienced with JVM languages (Java, Scala). In the past he worked on IT systems from many different areas, including e-commerce and eSIM.

Jacek Capar

Junior Fullstack Development
Jacek is a Warsaw University of Technology graduate who loves doing things which are considered 'impossible to do'. He is a Blockchain and emerging tech enthusiast.


Bartłomiej Wnuk

Former Director of Polish e-Health Agency, responsible for creating the national e-Prescription system. Advisor for data flow system.

Dr. Jaroslaw J. Fedorowski

President of the Polish Hospital Federation, member of the President’s Committee in the European Hospital Federation