We are thrilled to announce that the LAKE token will be officially listed on BitGet on Friday 22nd March at 12:00 pm UTC!

This inaugural listing marks a significant milestone in our journey towards enhancing liquidity and accessibility for our community of supporters and investors. Keep reading to learn more about our journey towards the first CEX listing of LAKE and explore BitGet, one of the leading centralized exchanges (CEX) in the crypto space!


Our Journey to BitGet: A Testament to Our Values

Availed of our promise that landing a listing on a top-tier CEX for LAKE would have been one of the priorities in the first Quarter of 2024, we began the journey to choose the right partner with a proactive attitude, entertaining talks with tens of CEXes to take the best decision.

One of our Core Values is that we care deeply. “Caring” is delivering what promised, but also – and more importantly – making sure that our decisions make sense and are sustainable in the long-term for our stakeholders. In the past several months, we received listing offers by many exchanges, but BitGet naturally emerged as the best choice for the very first listing of LAKE thanks to their reputation, transparency, and positive approach to the listing. In particular, BitGet proposed a listing marketing campaign that we deemed superior to other options available: while many CEXes typically require projects to pay exorbitant fees in native tokens that eventually end up on the market, BitGet stood out by presenting a listing marketing campaign that is more balanced and sustainable.


About BitGet

BitGet.com boasts a staggering user base of over 20 million registered users across 100 countries. With more than 1500 employees, BitGet has cemented its status as a powerhouse in the industry, listing over 600 pairs since its inception in 2018 1.

  • Market Dominance: BitGet is rapidly emerging as one of the top CEXes in the crypto space. According to TokenInsight Crypto CEX 2023 Q2 Highlights 2, BitGet holds a top 4 position in trading volume and currently ranks as the 4th largest derivative trading platform per CoinMarketCap 3.
  • A Global Market: With its stronghold in the Asian market, our collaboration with BitGet is poised to expand the reach of $LAKE to new communities of investors, confirming that DeSci is a global narrative.
  • Proof of Reserves: BitGet regularly publishes Proof of Reserves to ensure transparency on users’ assets. With a reserve ratio consistently exceeding 150%, BitGet’s commitment to safeguarding customer funds is unwavering.
  • Protection Fund: In 2022, BitGet established a Protection Fund totaling $601 million at the time of writing, further fortifying its commitment to protecting users’ assets in adverse situations.
  • Not only Trading: BitGet offers a myriad of services to its users, including copy trading, launchpool, launchpad, BitGet Earn, BitGet Wallet, and P2P trading, providing its community with a comprehensive trading experience.


About the Listing

BitGet has already enabled LAKE deposits and withdrawals on Ethereum, and will enable trading for the LAKE/USDT pair on Friday 22nd March at 12:00 pm UTC.

To celebrate the event, BitGet will be launching some exciting marketing campaigns, including a trading competition and the opportunity to stake LAKE to earn more LAKE tokens. Stay tuned for their official announcement to learn more.

To sign up, you can register with this link: https://www.bitget.com/register!


We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our community for their support and patience shown in the past months. The listing on BitGet is just the beginning, as we stay committed to pursuing further listings to enhance liquidity and foster greater adoption of the LAKE token.

Happy trading!



1. https://www.bitget.com/aboutus

  1. https://s2.tokeninsight.com/static/research/file/levelPdf/TokenInsight_Crypto_Exchanges_Report_2023Q2.pdf
  2. https://coinmarketcap.com/rankings/exchanges/derivatives/

Legal notice

Remember: trading crypto assets involves risk and is not for everyone. Data Lake LLC, Data River LLC are not liable for any CEX performance, including BitGet, as these are independent third parties. Description of BitGet has been provided and verified by BitGet. Before purchasing your tokens or registering on any CEX, conduct your own research.

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