Data Lake


Data Lake records the first Data Flow from a hospital on-chain!

Today marks an important milestone in the history of Data Lake, DeSci and medical research as a whole: we have officially put on the Polygon blockchain the proof of the first flow of data between a hospital and Data Lake. … Read More

DeSci Network Roundtable #1 – “DeSci: Fad or Future?”

We’re thrilled to announce that the first DeSci Network Roundtable event was a huge success! The DeSci Network Roundtable brings together scientists, DeSci founders and enthusiasts and industry professionals to share innovative ideas, the latest advancements in science, and their … Read More

Everything you need to know about $LAKE

Tomorrow – on December 7th, 2022 at 15:00 CET- the Data Lake team will add liquidity for the $LAKE token on Uniswap, Ethereum. 👉 If you haven’t already, sign up to our IDO newsletter and get notified of when it’s … Read More

The Top DeSci Projects that are Currently Trending

In recent years, more and more scientists and entrepreneurs have been using blockchain, smart contracts, and tokens to improve modern science. This movement of using web3 technologies in science is now known worldwide by the term “DeSci”, standing for “Decentralized … Read More

DeSci – The Future of Science?

Premise: Science as a global public good Science is the process of discovering how things work today, how they worked in the past, and how they are likely to work in the future. Science has illuminated the path for human … Read More