At Data Lake, we believe in the power of collaboration and innovation to drive positive change in healthcare. Building upon the success of our inaugural program, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our second Bug Bounty initiative, offering a total budget of up to 750,000 LAKE tokens!

Keep reading to learn all the details of the initiative and how to participate today!

*at the time of launch of bug bounty


The Success of Our First Bug Bounty Program

The first Data Lake App Bug Bounty program was launched in December 2023 and saw almost 200 applications, with 20 selected healthcare professionals, researchers, devs, DeSci contributors, and og $LAKE supporters who provided overwhelming feedback on bugs and improvements of our App.

Building upon the success of our inaugural program, we’re doubling down on our commitment to improve our platform!


What to Expect from our Second Bug Bounty Program

With a budget of up to 750,000 LAKE tokens allocated for rewards, our Second Bug Bounty Program promises even greater opportunities for anyone who wants to contribute to our mission of unlocking medical data.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Get your LAKE ready and access the Data Lake App: Forget about the application form, with the public launch, anyone holding at least 10,000 LAKE tokens in their Ethereum wallets can access the Data Lake app at after accepting T&C of the service. $LAKE is available on the Uniswap DEX on Ethereum (token contract: 0xf9ca9523e5b5a42c3018c62b084db8543478c400). You can also purchase it using a credit card through our dApp at
  2. Hunt for Bugs and potential improvements: Use the App thoroughly, discover all its features. Some of the things you can try out are:
  • Put yourself in the shoes of a researcher: set up a survey with inclusion and exclusion criteria, set up your consent forms and create a research project by adding into it selected surveys and consents.
  • Add yourself to different research projects from a different email. Check out how your data and consents are displayed if you log in to the platform as a research participant.
  • Invite people to contribute to your project, edit it after its publication and keep track of the consents gathered in real time.
  • Explore the statistics of the project.
  • Give yourself consent to a research project and fill a form or a survey. Try doing it both on a mobile device and on a desktop device .
  • Watch the blockchain transaction corresponding to your consent donation go live on the testnet of Polygon.
  • Manage and revoke the consents you have given.
  • Set up an example benefit for the users. The benefit panel has limited functionalities yet — it allows only for benefit creation
  1. Report and Remediate: Upon discovery, participants are encouraged to report their bug or suggest improvements through the following Google Form: This way you declare your participation in the bug bounty program. Our team will carefully review all submissions and determine the most noteworthy contributions. We will reach you via email if we need further explanation about your feedback.
  2. Rewards and Recognition: Successful participants will be duly rewarded with LAKE tokens commensurate with the severity and impact of their discoveries – individual reward for bug and for bounty hunter can reach up to 50,000 LAKE. In addition to financial incentives, participants will receive recognition for their contributions to the Data Lake’s ecosystem.
  3. Deadline for submission of bugs: March 31st, 2024
  4. Reward allocation: before the end of April 2024.

Join the Hunt Today!

Whether you’re a cybersecurity professional or just a DeSci passionate, the the Data Lake App Bug Bounty Program offers a unique opportunity to make a tangible impact in improving our App. Together, we can bring medical research to a new decentralized, democratic, and accessible phase and boost the finding of new treatments and drugs to save lives.

Make sure you have at least 10,000 LAKE tokens in your Ethereum wallet and start your journey at!

If you have questions, reach us out on our Telegram chat at and ask away!


Legal notice:

Data Lake will decide at its sole discretion the amount of reward for individual bug bounty hunter and whether bug qualifies for reward at all. Data Lake reserves the right to lower or not to use the total budget for the bug bounty. Please note that if you take actions in bad faith, that may jeopardize the reputation of the project or risk the security of the project e.g. trying to exploit our system vulnerabilities or negative external communication on the reported bugs, disqualify from participation in bug bounty, Data Lake will obtain proprietary rights to description of awarded bugs. In order to obtain reward additional information may have to be provided, including wallet address, and KYC. Only professionals are eligible for participation, consumers as defined in Polish law are not eligible to participate. Bug bounty shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Poland. Any disputes arising out of or in connection with bug bounty shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Warsaw, Poland.

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