Data Lake is proud to introduce a Bug Bounty program that will allow selected users to be rewarded for testing and providing feedback on their experience on Consentify. With this campaign, we want to express our gratitude to our community of holders by giving them the possibility to be the first ones to discover Consentify. We will also use this occasion to collect feedbacks and fix bugs to refine the platform and ensure a smooth experience for all users and researchers during the Public Launch in January 2024.

Get ready to play an active role in the future of healthcare by participating to the Bug Bounty Program of Consentify! Read on to learn all the details of the campaign and how you can participate.


📚 Bug Bounty Program details

👥 Who can apply: anyone who fills the google form, gets selected and invited, and holds at least 10,000 $LAKE tokens.

🗓 Duration of the program: 20th December 2023, to 31st January 2024.

💸 Campaign available reward typically between $50-2000 worth of LAKE tokens to every selected beta tester (T&C apply)


✅ How to Participate:

The first step to be selected as a beta tester of Consentify is to fill this Google Form. Please fill in the form carefully and elaborate on the contribution you can give to this campaign. Please also review eligibility criteria in T&C. Our team will then select some profiles and invite them to participate to the Consentify beta test via email.

Note that only those who hold 10,000 $LAKE tokens or more in their wallet will be able to access Consentify. If you don’t know how to acquire $LAKE, check our Dapp. If you have questions on how to complete the purchase, ask away on

Once you are invited, here’s some of the things you can test:

  1. Access the Beta Test. Make sure you have at least 10,000 $LAKE in your wallet, then click on the link attached to the invitation email, connect your wallet and sign the login transaction.
  2. Explore Consentify. Once logged in, discover every single aspect of Consentify. Some of the things you can try out are:
    1. Put yourself in the shoes of a researcher: set up a survey with inclusion and exclusion criteria, set up your consent forms and create a research project by adding into it selected surveys and consents.
    2. Add yourself to different research projects from a different email. Check out how your data and consents are displayed if you log in to the platform as a research participant.
    3. Invite people to contribute to your project, edit it after its publication and keep track of the consents gathered in real time.
    4. Explore the statistics of the project.
    5. Give yourself consent to a research project and fill a form or a survey. Try doing it both on a mobile device and on a desktop device .
    6. Watch the blockchain transaction corresponding to your consent donation go live on the testnet of Polygon.
    7. Manage and revoke the consents you have given.
    8. Set up an example benefit for Consentify users. The benefit panel has limited functionalities yet – it allows only for benefit creation
  3. Give us your feedback. Use the live chat on Consentify to tell us about your experience while using the platform and to report us any feedback you’ve encountered. Our team will carefully review all submissions and determine the most noteworthy contributions. We will reach you via email if we need further explanation about your feedback.
  4. Keep testing and reporting and wait for the conclusion of the program to get rewarded!
  5. We would kindly appreciate our Beta Testers to refrain from communicating bugs/feedback externally to the general public, we are looking for Beta Testers, who understand the point behind Beta Testing and are acing in good faith.
  6. Rewarding Your Contributions:

Data Lake will examine each feedback received during and after the campaign. We will assign a prize in $LAKE worth typically between $50-2000, the specific amount determined by the significance and utility of beta testers’ feedbacks, to EVERYONE who gets invited to participate to Consentify, sets up an account on the platform and send us a feedback.

Total amount designated for Bug Bounty programme is up to 500 000 $LAKE.


The final results and the prize distribution will happen after the end of the campaign.


💪 Why Participate?

  1. Exclusive Access: Be among the first to experience Consentify’s beta version before the public launch.
  2. Shape the Future: Your insights will directly contribute to the refinement and improvement of our much anticipated platform Consentify.
  3. Earn Rewards: Get rewarded in LAKE tokens for your valuable contributions.


💥 Get Ready for the Beta Test:

Prepare to embark on a journey of innovation and collaboration. Join us in shaping the future of Consentify and revolutionizing the landscape of medical data access. Fill the google form at: now!


Thank you for being an essential part of the Data Lake community. Together, let’s make Consentify the best it can be!

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