Today marks an important milestone in the history of Data Lake, DeSci and medical research as a whole: we have officially put on the Polygon blockchain the proof of the first flow of data between a hospital and Data Lake. As a proof, here’s the link of the smart contract:


Data Lake enables patients to unlock their medical data, make it available for medical research, and help power critical and life-saving research! Once a patient’s consent has been collected on-chain, Data Lake can in fact retrieve their medical data from the Data Provider (usually a hospital or laboratory), completely anonymize it, give access to those doing legitimate research and development, and reward the stakeholders involved in the operation.


It’s important to note that Data Lake does not record any medical data on-chain. In fact, Data Lake does not hold any medical data at all! Data Lake only retrieves and anonymizes the data from a hospital or laboratory when the demand for it by a Data Buyer is registered. By doing so, our organization minimizes the risks, and is always able to provide the most up-to-date medical data available.


This is the very first time Data Lake has managed to put the proof of medical data flow on a public blockchain, thus making such information public, official and immutable. This achievement demonstrates our ability to provide a fully transparent and reliable platform for medical data exchange. It is also a major breakthrough for medical research, as it opens the door to a new sustainable and compliant way of accessing data.

Moreover, it represents an important proof that today science can (and needs to) become more accessible, fair and transparent via web3 technologies (in a word: DeSci)!


We look forward to seeing the impact this will have on medical data exchange and medical research in the near future. In the meantime, we will keep building our medical data infrastructure and global data donor program to ensure scientists have access to an increasing quantity and quality of data for their life-saving research.


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