Dear community and investors!

July has just passed and we hope you’re enjoying your summer so far! In this monthly project update, we’re taking a look what we’ve achieved at Data Lake, and where we are headed next! Don’t forget to check out our other project updates to read through our previous milestones, and keep reading for the latest.

Marketing & $LAKE Token News
As you may have seen in our announcement earlier this month, we’ve not only redesigned our Whitepaper, but we’ve also made some important changes and updates to reflect the greater vision of the Data Lake system that has taken form over the past few months. From improved tokenomics and token utility, to expanding the system stakeholders and their participation incentives, the updated Whitepaper means exciting things for the future of Data Lake and the international medical donation system we’re building. See the full announcement on our blog!

In line with our mission of empowering people through access to their medical data, we have published two articles that define the importance of medical data (How Data Saves Lives – The Case of Sepsis) and how we make them accessible through the Polygon blockchain (Polygon: how it works and why we joined its ecosystem).

We also launched a giveaway that gives people the opportunity to win first access to our medical data donation system when it launches, as well as $30k+ of prizes in $LAKE token! If you haven’t already, sign up today for your chance to participate!

Data Lake in the Media
First up in media spotlights this month, Data Lake was featured in Startup To Follow, a website and community spotlighting the latest and most innovative startups from around the world. Take a look at our feature on their website!

Also CoinWire has just dedicated an article to us entitled “Data Lake is Launching a Global Medical Data Donation System on Polygon”. Their work is mainly focussed on the synergies between Data Lake and the blockchain it will be deployed on: Polygon. Be sure not to miss it, and find out why it’s time for the blockchain to serve a real purpose in the healthcare field and how we are going to do it!

Next, our Head of Marketing & PR Dinidh O’Brien was invited to speak at an event hosted by Crypto.Jobs on the topic of Data Privacy & Ownership on the Blockchain. In case you missed the live event, you can find the recording of the event on Twitter, or read a transcript on Crypto.Job’s blog!

Our CEO has been busy this month too! He appeared on two Polish channels to present our project to their community: 321 Crypto and Encyklopedia Kryptowalut– if you speak Polish they’re well worth a watch! Wojciech Sierocki was also invited to pitch our project to investors and VC funds on InnMind, click here to see more!

Finally, we did our first founder AMA on Telegram to answer the top community questions that have been asked over the last month! Our AMAs will become a monthly event (at the beginning of each month), so make sure you’ve joined our Telegram community so that you can participate in the next one!

Team expansion

Our mission is growing, and so is our team. Welcome our newest team member, Oliver Slapal!

Oliver Slapal is joining us as DeFi Development Lead. Oliver has angel-funded and advised some major crypto projects, and also worked in crypto venture capital. Not just experienced in the business side of things, he has been a programmer for more than 10 years (and in crypto for the last 5) and will now apply his wide-ranging expertise to lead Data Lake’s Blockchain and Web3 development efforts. Most recently before joining Data Lake, he founded the company Metative, a B2B consultancy company for companies interested in building in the Web3 space.

What’s next

As the months pass, we get closer and closer to the public launch of the Data Lake ecosystem, as well as the $LAKE token. We are increasing the awareness around our mission and product on different media channels, while our team keeps delivering the key milestones that will be fundamental to launching the Data Lake system successfully.

We wish we could tell you even few of the things that we are cooking up with big names and are almost ready to announce, but unfortunately you will have to wait for the next monthly updates for it.

Until then, make sure to be onboard and to be the first to know about our updates, join our social media channels at !

We hope you’re having an amazing summer so far –

The Data Lake Team

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