Dear Community and Investors,

Welcome to another Project Update from Data Lake! In the following article, we will cover some exciting updates since our last newsletter, and we’ll also go through our latest marketing achievements. Keep reading until the end for a hint on what’s coming in Q3 — without further ado, let’s get to it!

🔗 Consent-based Medical data donation to reach millions of new patients thanks to Diagnostyka partnership with the Donate Your Data Foundation!

Let’s start with our huge news of the month! Diagnostyka — Poland’s largest network of laboratories — has recently teamed up with the Donate Your Data Foundation (Podaruj Dane) to jointly promote consent-based medical data donation. Thanks to this collaboration, the foundation — a non-profit organization that collects consents using Data Lake’s technology — will soon be able to reach 20 million new patients across Poland!

You can read the English press release here:

💥 Marketing Update: Media, Conferences and more!

In the marketing department, we’ve spent the last month focusing on building awareness through events, conferences and media appearances, and our efforts are starting to pay off!

Data Lake featured on Hackernoon!

We are thrilled to share that one of our latest articles — ‘Could ChatGPT be your doctor in the future?’ — has been featured by Hackernoon, a tech-focussed publication reaching between 5 to 8 million readers every month! Click here to read it.

AMA with the Founders

This month we hosted the long-awaited 6th AMA with the Founders. We witnessed an unprecedented record attendance — nearly five times our last AMA — and want to thank all those that joined us! During the AMA, we shared our view on the direction that Data Lake is following as well answering the questions we often receive in our community chat on Telegram. The recording of the AMA is available here, on our Twitter profile.

AMA with GenomesDAO

In the same week, we also had the pleasure of being GenomesDAO’s hosts for an informative Twitter Space on our partnership. The synergies with GenomesDAO are evident, and we are already at work to explore the potential of this partnership!

Conferences presence!

Our co-founder Ligia Kornowska attended the prestigious ‘Med in Israel Week’. She delivered a captivating speech that highlighted the potential of today’s disruptive technologies, such as blockchain, to meet the needs of healthcare organizations. During her stay, Ligia also connected with Israeli startups and visited the renowned innovation departments of Israel’s hospitals.

Spreading the word through Podcasts!

Last month, we had the pleasure of having Dinidh O’Brien, Data Lake’s Head of International & Public Relations, as a guest on THREE international podcasts. Dinidh appeared on the “Digital Voices” podcast, where he delved into discussions about DeSci’s potential, as well as the exciting future of AI in healthcare and how we’re working to secure ethical data to fuel this revolution.

Meanwhile, on the “Web3 CMO Stories” podcast, he brought to light his ideas on ethical crypto marketing, and why at Data Lake we have chosen to avoid the typical hype-based approach of many other projects. Finally he spoke about these topics and more on the Gen Z Diplomat podcast, explaining how Data Lake is using blockchain technology to ethically secure the data needed to unlock a new era of healthtech innovation.

Dinidh will be a guest on three more podcasts in July, helping us reach an international audience in the millions! You can listen to all of these podcast appearances at the links below:

Digital Voices Podcast: Apple Podcasts | Spotify

Web3 CMO Stories Podcast: Apple Podcasts | Spotify

Gen Z Diplomat Podcast: Apple Podcasts | Spotify

🔚 Final Thoughts

And that was all for this month’s update! In Q2, we have given a new shape to our company: we have rebranded our new website, continued development on our core business, and secured partnerships with important stakeholders and KOLs that will allow our message to reach as many people as possible around the world. Whether through new stakeholder agreements, global tech media such as Hackernoon, or conference and podcast appearances, hundreds of thousands of people are becoming aware of our project each month for the first time. Behind the scenes, we are hyper-focussed on building and delivering new technologies and agreements during the next quarter, and can’t wait to share with you the results of our efforts.

Thank you for the continuous support,

The Data Lake Team

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