Dear Partner,

Our health data is more than just numbers and words.

What we call data are in fact millions of individual stories of struggle, defiance and perseverance. Stories of exploration of the unknown. Stories that carry immense value for the future generations.

We believe that the world should learn from these stories. We believe, that being able to share your medical story securely to help others should be your fundamental human right. That’s what we stand for, building the first global medical data donation system. If we succeed, we will change the way healthcare is done.

Now also you can join us and become a Data Lake Partner!

You will be eligible for a reward up to a 1 000 000 $LAKE tokens from the Advisors token pool if thanks to your efforts:

  • A Data Provider signs an agreement with our Trust Entity and starts a data donation campaign

  • A Trust Entity signs an agreement with Data Lake

  • A Data Buyer pays us for data and/or data related product

  • A Tier 1 venture fund invests in Data Lake

  • An important KOL or medium publicly mentions Data Lake

Please note that you must have an existing  relationship with these entities, and should not reach out to anyone that you have not had prior contact with (i.e. no “cold calling”).

Total amount of rewards is limited.

How to get started?

  • Send us an email with a concrete proposal of a partnership that you’d wish to facilitate to [email protected]

  • Our team will review all the proposal and respond to selected ones within a week

  • After given a green light by us, after agreeing on the specific activity and prize amount, you will be able to start working on achieving milestones. After achieving them, you will be entitled to prize within 30 working days.

  • We reserve the right to terminate Call to Action, at any moment, but we will honor individual arrangements we have made

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