Data Lake has just been nominated as one of the Top Disruptors in Healthcare at the AI in Health conference held in Warsaw!

Responsibility for algorithms, the use of AI in medical entities and the role of blockchain in health are among the main topics of the second edition of the AI in Health conference.

We’re honored to have been nominated as “Top Disruptors in Healthcare“ alongside some of the best and brightest in the healthcare and medtech fields. The usage of medical data represents an important milestone to take the healthcare sector and medical research to a whole new level. Attending the conference made it even clearer for us how critical our role is in developing healthcare, as we established important connections both with data donors who are excited about Data Lake as well as with data receivers who showed us their practical need for the datasets we are building.

We warmly invite you to check the recording of our speech about Data Lake, click here to watch it.


Now that the conference is over, we are back to work. Follow us on our social media channels at to stay updated on our journey to democratize medical data!

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