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Data Lake

Polygon: how it works and why we joined its ecosystem

Premise: Ethereum strengths and weaknesses Formerly known as Matic Network, Polygon was founded in October 2017 by Jaynti Kanani, Sandeep Nailwal and Anurag Arjun. Polygon is a public blockchain capable of maintaining high efficiency when processing transactions, while keeping its … Read More

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How Data Saves Lives – The Case of Sepsis

What is sepsis Sepsis is one of the oldest known diseases – it was Hippocrates himself who gave it a name around 2,400 years ago. It is also one of the most deadly ones. Sepsis is responsible for more deaths … Read More

Data Lake Whitepaper

The New and Improved Data Lake Whitepaper

Dear Data Lake Community and Investors, We’re truly excited to be able to share with you our revised Data Lake Whitepaper! Not only have we redesigned it to match our new branding, but we’ve also made some important changes and … Read More

Beta whitelist and LAKE Giveaway: How-to guide

TL;DR 📆 Until when? The competition will run until the 30th of September. 🎁 What’s up for grabs? 5000 users will gain access our beta data donation system when live, with first-access to our donor incentives program. And 1500 users … Read More

Data Lake nominated as one of the Top Disruptors in Healthcare!

Data Lake has just been nominated as one of the Top Disruptors in Healthcare at the AI in Health conference held in Warsaw! Responsibility for algorithms, the use of AI in medical entities and the role of blockchain in health … Read More

Data and the future of Healthcare

The future ahead: the potential of the use of data in medicine As of today, the key to a better organization and new developments has become data. The world around us is taking us down a path in which the … Read More

Partnership announcement: Data Lake X WeFund

We’re very excited to announce that Data Lake has partnered with WeFund to be part of its incubation fellowship program! WeFund is a community crowdfunding and incubation launchpad for projects built on blockchain, and they specialize in supporting projects whose … Read More

Data Lake Update #3 – May 2022

Dear community and investors! The following is our third project update, a recap of what Data Lake has achieved in May and a hint on what’s coming next. After achieving important milestones with our data consent system development, rebranding Data … Read More

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Data Lake and the Blockchain

At Data Lake, we’re leveraging the power of the blockchain in order to create a secure and transparent medical data donation system. But what is the blockchain? And what makes it the ideal technology for the system we are building? … Read More

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What is Data Lake?

Data Lake empowers you with the right to the usage of your own medical data in a safe, easy and transparent way, while providing substantial support for scientific research and medical studies. Unlike existing medical data systems that let third … Read More