Data Lake

Project Updates

Project Update #7 — September 2022

Dear community and investors, As October begins, we are proud to share with you the seventh project update with all the incredible news from September! So many amazing things have been going on lately, so let’s get right to it. … Read More

Project Update #6 — August 2022

Dear community and investors, It has been an absolutely tremendous month for Data Lake. We’ve been making significant progress on all fronts of the business, as well as hitting some MAJOR project milestones. There’s a lot to cover, so let’s … Read More

Project Update #5 – July 2022

Dear community and investors! July has just passed and we hope you’re enjoying your summer so far! In this monthly project update, we’re taking a look what we’ve achieved at Data Lake, and where we are headed next! Don’t forget … Read More

Data Lake Whitepaper

The New and Improved Data Lake Whitepaper

Dear Data Lake Community and Investors, We’re truly excited to be able to share with you our revised Data Lake Whitepaper! Not only have we redesigned it to match our new branding, but we’ve also made some important changes and … Read More

Data Lake Update #4 – June 2022

Dear Community & Investors, It has been another incredible month here at Data Lake, and a lot has happened in June that we’re excited to share with you! Don’t forget to check out our previous project updates to see the … Read More

Data Lake Update #3 – May 2022

Dear community and investors! The following is our third project update, a recap of what Data Lake has achieved in May and a hint on what’s coming next. After achieving important milestones with our data consent system development, rebranding Data … Read More

Data Lake Update #2 – April 2022

Our second update is here! Welcome to our new website with new visual identity! Data Lake is represented by the letter lambda, the 11th letter of the Greek alphabet, used as a symbol of wavelength. Indeed, Data Lake starts sending … Read More

Data Lake Update #1 – March 2022

Dear Investors & Community! We are pleased to announce the publication of our first investor’s and community update, in which we will present you with the most important events of the recent weeks. We kindly invite you to read it! … Read More