Data Lake



We've been working on Data Lake for three years now, and we're not slowing down any time soon.

Phase I - 2019

  • Company incorporation and incubation
  • Created the vision for the Data Lake system

Phase II - 2020

Business Validation
  • Validation of the business model with the first partners – Data Suppliers and Data Buyers
  • High-level legal and technological architecture viability established
  • A series of meetings with a consortium of institutions co-creating the Donate Your Data Foundation

Phase III - 2021

Architecture & Concept Development


  • Received EU public funding to create the foundations for a medical data donation system (EUR 300.000)
  • Development of the MVP started 
  • Developed a detailed IT architecture for a data donation system


  • Smart contract on the Polygon blockchain developed
  • Introduced the $LAKE token ecosystem to incentivise patients and data suppliers 
  • Developed branding and communications
  • Developed a marketing strategy and project promotion strategy
  • Project validation with numerous public and private stakeholders

Phase IV - 2022

Product & Business Development


  • Medical data POC system ready
  • Closing Seed A round (600k USD) 
  • International team expansion
  • First AMAs, interviews and conferences 


  • Medical data system MVP ready
  • Closing Seed B round (600k USD) 
  • Building the internal dev team 
  • First clients for the medical data secured
  • Building a coalition of partners (universities, foundations, industry organizations)
  • Data Lake webpage, branding and socials created 

Phase V - 2022

Global Launch


  • Developing the Data Lake decentralized app 
  • Promotion of Data Lake in crypto, healthcare and main media 
  • Data Donors – targeted campaigns
  • $LAKE token smart contract development and audit 
  • Medical data donation system goes live
  • Conducting the first commercial medical data transfer! 
  • IDO
  • DEX Listing(s)
  • CoinGecko and CMC Listings

Phase VI - 2023

Data Donation Mass Adoption
  • Expansion of Data Donation System across the EU
  • CEX Listings
  • Establishing data donation as a standard for medical data access 
  • Numerous charity events for the data donation system
  • Ongoing integrations of data providers with the Data Lake ecosystem
  • Growing volume of data exchange for scientific and research purposes
  • Launch of the personal data exchange
  • And more…