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Ethical and legal access to data.

The entities involved in the implementation of innovative solutions in the health and pharmaceutical industry usually need access to reliable, representative and complete medical data resources. In theory, medical data is the basis for scientific research, and research and development processes. In practice, the data acquisition process is ineffective and often non-transparent, posing a source of risks for all parties involved.

We are building a solution that enables legal access to anonymized or personal, and reliable medical data of various types. Cooperation with us is a guarantee of reliability and the legal origin of actual retrospective data from actual patient treatments and clinical and hospital, as well as real-world data from other health care services related sources e.g. wearables, health apps etc.

We act on the basis of the decisions of patients who, on the basis of regulations sanctioned by the European Union and Member states, exercise their right to transfer medical data for research and development purposes. Anyone who joins our system will therefore benefit from the noble idea of ​​donating medical data to support innovation in medicine and patient health around the world.

Blockchain technology as a reliable source of truth for consent operations

We’ve designed a system where – thanks to blockchain technology – each patient has the ability to control information about granted and withdrawn consents, the ability to view information about data flow, as well as access information about data processing services. Blockchain is a guarantee of a durable, tamper-resistant medium of information about what is happening with the data for each participant of our system.

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