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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

The Data Lake global medical data donation program is unique, so we're sure you have questions.

Data Donation Questions

How can I donate my data?

Data donation is easy! Simply log in to our donation dashboard, confirm your identity and sign a couple of consent forms. With just a few clicks, you’re now a Data Hero! If data donation is not yet available in your country, you’ll be prompted to join our waiting list so that you can be one of the first Data Heroes in your country!

What happens to the data I donate?

When you give consent to donating your data, we request your medical data from your healthcare provider. It then undergoes a strict anonymization process, which removes all of your personally identifiable data (PID) to ensure your privacy. Once that is done, it’s bundled into large anonymous data sets that are made available to researchers using it for medical, scientific and R&D purposes. Under some circumstances you may be separately asked to give consent to disclose your personal data to the researcher, if the specific research project requires access to personal data.

Do I remain anonymous?

Yes! The first step when we receive your medical data is to remove all your personally identifiable information, which involves much more than just deleting your name and surname. Our anonymization techniques ensure that nobody will be able to deduce who you are on basis of data that we share. This way you can donate anonymously without worrying your medical data can be traced back to you. Under some circumstances you may be separately asked to give consent to disclose your personal data to the researcher, if the specific research project requires access to personal data.

What are your core values?

We believe data ownership and privacy are fundamental human rights. We believe in medicine based on data, facts and trials without bias. We believe research should be representative, and based on consent. We believe that blockchain and Web3 should be used for distributing value and decision-making power among the people. For the Data Lake Charter of Core Values, click here.

Is there a verification process?

Yes - and it’s very simple! We want to protect patient privacy as much as possible, which is why we ask everyone to undergo an online identity verification process. Simply get started on our donation dashboard, and it will walk you through each step of verifying your identity. The process should take no longer than a few minutes and is the same secure verification method used on government and financial websites. Please note the verification process may vary depending on which country you are in.

Who can use my donated data and for what purpose?

One of our missions is to democratize data. Right now only large companies have the budget to buy medical data, leaving start-ups and small researchers unable to carry out their studies. Any entity who is conducting legitimate research is able to access our database of donated data, including universities and research organizations. Please note: we only share your medical data for scientific research. Your medical data will not be used for other purposes, e.g. adjusting insurance premiums.

Can I revoke consent for the use of my data?

Of course! You can revoke (and even re-give) consent at any time using our donation app. Simply log in and then click the button to revoke your consent! Once revoked, your data will no longer be shared in the future.

Is my personal data put on the blockchain?

Your medical health records are never put on the blockchain. We only store pseudonymized information regarding your consents and information related to the processing of your data, so that you can always check what is happening with your data.

Technical Questions

Why blockchain and a token?

Blockchain technology provides a trust-less, and up-to-date consent record of consent and data operations which is private and secure. This makes it perfect for a consent system for donating medical data. We believe that the global medical data donation system should remain independent from corporations and governments. That’s why Data Lake is crowdfunded with the use of $LAKE - our utility token. Additionally a utility token is a great way to distribute individual incentives to Data Donors for joining the system.

What can $LAKE tokens be used for?

The $LAKE tokens will be used for accessing various benefits for supporters of the medical data donation system.

What Web3/blockchain wallets are compatible with $LAKE?

Any Web3 wallet that is compatible with Ethereum Network/ERC20 tokens such as Metamask or Trust Wallet are compatible with lake. The wallet address should start with 0x. If in doubt, check with the support channels of your wallet provider.

How will $LAKE hold long-term value?

The medical data market represents about 100 billion euros for the E.U. - data buyers have a great need for this data and are ready to buy it today. By making $LAKE the driving force of the exchange and requiring data buyers to use it, we will ensure constant and sustainable buy pressure over time. Read our Whitepaper for deeper insight into our tokenomics and the value-accrual mechanisms of $LAKE.

What blockchain are you using?

Our data donation consent system will be on the Polygon blockchain. The $LAKE token itself will be issued as an ERC20 Token.

Where can I buy $LAKE token?

We are currently finishing up our seed rounds, after which you will be able to buy $LAKE on both decentralized and centralized exchanges.

Can I withdraw the $LAKE tokens I get for donating my data?

Of course! You will only need an ERC-20 compatible wallet to confirm the withdrawal transaction from our system. Remember not to use your centralized exchange wallet number!