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Data Lake for Hospitals , Clinics and Health-Related Services Providers

Turn medical data storage into an asset.

Offset the costs of data storage and access requests.

Healthcare and medical entities usually have access to huge collections of medical data which – in theory – constitute an important value-building resource. In practice, the storage of medical data only generates costs, and is a source of risk.

Data Lake is building a solution that allows you to create additional capital flows by legally sharing anonymized or personal medical data with third parties. Cooperation with us is a source of numerous benefits, and does not require any significant financial outlays or commitment on the side of medical entities.

Join the data economy while respecting patient privacy and consent.

We act on the basis of the consent of patients who, in accordance with regulations enacted by the European Union and Member States, exercise their right to share their medical data for research and development purposes. Any healthcare entity that joins our system will additionally benefit from helping enable the donation of medical data to support innovations in medicine and patient healthcare around the world.

We are building a system where – thanks to blockchain technology – each patient has the ability to grant and withdraw consents, the ability to view information about the flow of their data, as well as access information about data processing operations. For healthcare entities sharing medical data, blockchain is a guarantee of a durable, tamper-resistant medium of information about the consent status and data operations of every patient.

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