We are thrilled to announce that Data Lake and GenomesDAO are joining forces!

At Data Lake, we’re building and implementing cutting-edge technologies to help advance research, and improve access to treatment. We’re also the technological provider for a groundbreaking system that enables patients to gain control over their medical data in a privacy-respecting way, and consent to sharing it with entities performing ethical, pro-patient research.

GenomesDAO offers the opportunity for anyone to purchase a kit to sequence their DNA and obtain personalised genomic reports. Similarly to Data Lake’s Consent Panel, GenomesDAO’s Vault allows users to control third-party access to their data as well as to share in the rewards of contributing it to research. In both cases, consent of the donor is required, user privacy is protected, and the owner maintains agency over their data.

The synergy between our two protocols is clear: we both share the mission of giving people agency over their most sensitive data sets, with privacy and consent as core pillars of our ecosystems. We both are committed to the goal of helping create a new era for medical and scientific research, and helping boost the discovery of new treatments and drugs that have the potential to save the lives of millions. Finally both of our organisations believe that the ethical processing and storage of data is of paramount importance.

As a proof of their commitment: Genomes CEO Aldo de Pape has joined our coalition by signing the Data Donation Manifesto, of which Data Lake is one of the founding signatories. In the document, signing parties recognize that health data is a cornerstone of the development of evidence-based medicine, that the ways to access it are currently inadequate, and that the situation urgently needs the cooperation of projects like ours to act for the promotion of ethical data usage for research that is in the best interests of patients and the general public.

This signature is only the first step in what we believe will be a fruitful and long-term partnership. We also believe that such a partnership has the potential not only to onboard more people into web3, but also to cement Data Lake and Genomes as leaders in the field of enabling privacy-respecting access to medical and genomic data sets.

Furthermore, it is our hope that this partnership will be a major step forward for the entire DeSci movement — a growing ecosystem that we are convinced is one of the most powerful approaches to solving many of the most pressing issues in medical and life sciences.

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