We’re thrilled to announce that the first DeSci Network Roundtable event was a huge success!

The DeSci Network Roundtable brings together scientists, DeSci founders and enthusiasts and industry professionals to share innovative ideas, the latest advancements in science, and their vision for the future of the nexus of science, research and technology.

The topic of this first event was “DeSci: Fad or Future?”. To discuss it, Dinidh O’Brien, Head of Public and International Relations at Data Lake and emcee of the roundtable, invited Keith Comito, President at Lifespan.io, Jelani Clarke who is part of the core team at DeSci World, Jeffrey Hsia, CEO of Scisets and Dr. Wojciech Sierocki, Data Lake’s co-founder and CEO.

Here are some enlightening quotes from our guest speakers during the event:

“[…] in the years to come, healthcare enities or physicians or scientists will not even know that they are using web3 technologies and yet they will be able to address real problems using them. I think that is the direction we are heading to“

– Wojciech Sierocki

“The one hope that I have is because these framework are largely permissionless, […] people don’t need to be told when it’s okay to happen, they can just come in and test it out themselves at an individual/retail level. I hope and I think that that is going expedite the adoption of this.”

– Jelani Clarke

“One area that I think we can really work on to help improve the whole pace of scientific research is for each of us and each of the other DeSci organizations out there to not try to do absolutely everything themselves. Try to identify what you are great at and then find the inter-operation points.”

– Keith Comito

🔴 These however are just a taste of the immense value our guest speakers brought to the conversation. To watch the complete recording of the event, click here: https://youtu.be/8mxbq-RST0U.

The next DeSci Roundtable will be held on 11th February, the International Day of Women and Girls In Science. The topic will be “Women in Science: Trailblazers and Innovators”, and you can already register for free at https://app.session.com/desci/Women-in-Science-Trailblazers-Innovators?s=1&authid=RaKvMDsnNsTMdHKoqRBKc. Don’t miss out on this incredible event with our multi-generational, inter-disciplinary team of women who have and are continuing to make an outsized impact on their respective scientific fields.

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