Dear Community and Investors,

We slightly postponed the publication of our ninth monthly project update to focus all of our energy towards the creation and the launch of our token, $LAKE. We are super excited to announce that $LAKE became publicly tradable on the 7th of December and has already seen a significant amount of trading volume!

The $LAKE token contract is 0xF9Ca9523E5b5A42C3018C62B084Db8543478C400, and it can be acquired either on Uniswap, Ethereum, or on our token panel To know more about LAKE, check out our latest including “Lake Token Launch: Transparency Report” and “Everything you need to know about $LAKE“.

Besides the token launch, tons more happened in November, so let’s proceed with the ninth project update!

Our Data Donation System is Live!

We are beyond excited to share with you that we have just checked off one of the MAJOR milestones from our roadmap: as of today, our medical data consent application is live and already accepting signups from Polish citizens 🇵🇱! Achieving this goal represents tangible proof that a consent-based approach is the only sustainable and ethical way to achieve our mission of unlocking medical data.

👉 If you have a Polish PESEL/ID number, you can donate your data today by clicking here:

Token Dapp Panel Launched

The Token Dapp panel is the gateway to interacting with the $LAKE token. Through the panel you can buy $LAKE, provide liquidity for it, as well as buy crypto directly in fiat currencies. If you participated in a $LAKE sale round, the Token Dapp panel is where you can claim your tokens as well! It will also provide key information about $LAKE itself such as current price, circulating supply and more. Finally, the Token Dapp panel will come handful once you’ve given consent for your data to be shared with researchers and you want to collect your tokens.

👉 Access the token DApp from here:

🔴 Check out our video tutorial here:

Our Second Hospital Campaign Launches!

We are thrilled to announce that we have begun our second data donation campaign in a large Polish hospital network! This new partnership will more than double our reach in terms of having a physical presence in hospitals, talking with patients and collecting consents. As we run these first campaigns, we are constantly analyzing and improving our communications materials and process in preparation for a seamless global expansion in the coming months and years. Look out for a dedicated article about our second hospital campaign next week!

Media Presence, Events & Recognition

Presentation at e-Health Agency Conference in Warsaw, Poland

Chair of the Board and Co-Founder Ligia Kornowska, MD gave a presentation about our data donation program at the e-Health Agency Conference in Warsaw! You can find our more details about the conference here (PL language):

Presentation at Autumn Conference of the Polish Hospital Federation

Ligia also have a presentation about The Donate Your Data Foundation and Data Late, entitled “Medical data is not a headache, but an opportunity for hospitals”. The conference was attended by almost 300 hospital directors and healthcare leaders, and engagements with these two groups will be an important boost to the wider adoption of our data donation program.

Keynote Speeches at EIT Morning Health Talks in Naples, Italy

Dinidh O’Brien – our Global Head of Public Relations – was invited to give two keynote speeches at the Morning Health Talks in Naples, sponsored by EIT Health, the European Commission’s health branch. In his talks he shared about the importance of data for modern medical research, and presented the Data Lake donation system as the best solution to the ethical and legal problems that have been blocking advancement in medical science.

Presentation at DataSci Europe Conference in Belgrade, Serbia

Dinidh was also invited to speak at the DataSci Europe conference, the largest Data Science conference in Europe. During his presentation “Data Altruism, Web3, and Solving Bias in Medical Data” he spoke not only about our data donation system, but also why Web3 technologies are the perfect tool for ensuring the transparent and trust-less exchange of data.

Partnerships and Business Development

HV Capital, Boost VC and AngelBlock among the new Data Lake Private Sale investors

In November, our team continued pitching our project to various investors and VCs. Three main milestones have been achieved:

  • HV Capital investment – a fund which since 2000 has been involved in several important deals with unicorns as Zalando and Flixbus – has financially committed to our strategic sale round.

  • Data Lake won a DeSci-focussed pitching competition held by Boost VC and secured an investment of $25.000. DeSci is growing bigger every day, and we’re honored to have been chosen as one of the winners!

  • Data Lake was also chosen as one of the three winners of the AngelBlock startup grant program! AngelBlock shares our mission of using blockchain technology to democratize access markets, products and services.

We warmly welcome HV Capital investment, Boost VC and AngelBlock to our growing team of supporters!

Additional Data Orders Secured, Data Providers on the rise!

Last month, our Business Development team also closed new partnerships and secured additional data requests! Setting the right basis for our medical data system to launch is fundamental for success in the long-term. The feedback received by both Data Providers and Data Receivers has been overwhelmingly positive, and we’ll keep working hard to ensure the “Data Lake Standard” of consent-based data donation is adopted all around the globe.

DeSci Initiatives

The word DeSci stands for “Decentralized Science”, and it’s a trending movement that aims at improving the scientific process by leveraging blockchain and other Web3 technologies. We at Data Lake are proudly part of this movement, and to spread the word we have released two articles on the topic: “DeSci – The Future of Science?“ and “The Top DeSci Projects that are Currently Trending“.

But that is not all: we have launched a monthly newsletter that recaps all the biggest news, projects, and events in the DeSci space! It’s a quick read (less than 5 minutes) but has links to tons of interesting articles, podcasts, and other content to keep you up-to-date on what’s going on in the DeSci world.

🔬🧬 Our next one will be published in a few weeks, so make sure to sign up so you don’t miss it:

AMAs with the Founders

In the past weeks we have held two AMAs with the founders, answering all of your questions about the $LAKE token, as well as our marketing and expansion plans. If you have questions leading up to the launch of our token, chances are that one of our founders or team members has answered them during our AMAs!

👉 Check out our YouTube channel to watch the recordings of the two events:

Final Thoughts

With the launch of the data donation system and of the $LAKE token, we entered a new phase of Data Lake and the medical data donation program. Our mission is clear: creating a global Medical Data Donation system based on blockchain technology, in order to help advance medical science significantly and in turn help save lives. If you share our values, join us at and stay tuned for TONS of exciting news in the coming months!

Thank you for being a part of this journey with us,

The Data Lake Team

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