You’ve been asking, and here it is.

We are thrilled to announce that the $LAKE token IDO will be happening on Wednesday December 7th 2022!!


📅 When? 7th December, exact time to be announced closer to the date.

🦄 Where? On Uniswap, Ethereum.

💧 What? $LAKE, the token fueling our global medical data donation platform.

📊 Initial price: TBA


How will it happen?

For the IDO of $LAKE, we have chosen to make things as easy and smooth as possible.

We will not be relying on expensive launchpad platforms which make the initial allocation exclusive, nor we will make you join a whitelist. Instead, on December 7th – the exact time that will be announced closer to the IDO – we will provide liquidity for $LAKE as an ERC20 token on Uniswap, allowing LAKE to become publicly tradable! Initial price and exact time of IDO will be announced on all channels in the days leading up to the event! We will be reaching to our investors who have already reserved tokens during pre-seed in a separate, dedicated communication on how to claim $LAKE token.

To get an instant notification of when we are live on Uniswap, sign up here:


A fundamentals-based IDO

Our project isn’t tokenized just for the sake of saying we have a token. Instead – as is outlined in the next section – it has fundamental use cases and an ecosystem of value being built around it. Here’s a quick recap of the milestones and achievements we’ve already hit in the last few months!

  • Signed agreements with healthcare facilities representing more than 0.5 Million Patients

  • Launched our first in-hospital campaign and gathered hundreds of consents!

  • Secured pre-orders for data amounting to over $0.7 Million USD

  • We have successfully launched the first global medical data donation system that is being created specifically in line with the EU Data Governance Act.

  • Project and founders featured in major international media and conferences, 3 major awards received.

For a full list of our achievements and milestones so far, see our project updates at


LAKE value and use cases

Unlike many other tokens that just rely on speculative investment, $LAKE token has both use cases as well as a product driving its economy. Used as an entry ticket into the medical data economy for business players, data buyers and researchers will pay in FIAT to buy access to anonymous medical data, 40-97% of the value of which – in the mature stage of the Data Lake ecosystem – we will convert into $LAKE tokens and be distributed to several stakeholders of the system, added to the liquidity pool, and placed into vesting contracts which will reduce how many $LAKE are circulating over time. The demand for medical data is enormous, as proven by the hundreds of thousands of euros in pre-orders we have already received.

We believe this will create a consistent and positive buy pressure on $LAKE token, in a sustainable manner based on the ACTUAL value of data orders.

More importantly however, purchases of $LAKE token mean that researchers are getting the data they need to do vital research to cure diseases and save lives. It’s also an important proof of concept for the DeSci movement, and proof that web3 tools have the potential to revolutionize science!

Additional token utilities and full tokenomics, use cases, and more can be found in our Whitepaper!


LAKE token distribution


Beware of fake tokens!

The official $LAKE Token Contract Address will be announced shortly before the IDO. It will also be placed prominently on our website, in particular on the page

$LAKE tokens will not be available for trading before the IDO. Anyone can create a token, name it $LAKE and provide liquidity for it, so beware of scammers who may approach you pretending to be Data Lake to sell you their fake tokens. Always verify the token address on our website or from an admin on our official communication channels before buying them.

All projects are subject to high market risk and volatility. Please do your own research and buy with caution.



The content provided in this communication is for informational purposes only. You should not construe any of the material contained herein, information or other material as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice. Nothing contained in our communications constitutes a solicitation, recommendation, endorsement, or offer to buy or sell any securities or other financial instruments, in particular $LAKE Token, in this or in in any other jurisdiction in which such solicitation or offer would be unlawful under the securities laws of such jurisdiction.

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