For those who are not familiar with EY, Ernst & Young is one of the Big Four accounting firms, it employs over 200,000 people and operates in over 150 countries. EY is acclaimed worlwide for its provision of audit, consulting, tax, business risk, technology and security risk services. In recent years, they have also made relatively significant advances into the blockchain world as well, providing smart contract auditing as well as general consulting services.

To contribute to the sustainable growth of the eco-system for startups in Europe, EY has launched a Startup Academy program. The EY Startup Academy is a 6-week program in which selected startups are given the unique opportunity to discuss and improve their business models and its main components through structured help and advice from EY experts. Moreover, participants enjoy long-term support from EY in strategic and operational issues.

We are flattered to be part of the few applicants that have been chosen to take part in the Academy.

Thanks to EY, our Business Development department will attend a series of workshops and training events and have the chance to meet several Venture Capital firms that collaborate with EY, as well as selected corporations and other representatives from innovative startups to enhance our network, support and integrations.

Being a part of the EY ecosystem is important for Data Lake, as the network reaches to many of our potential partners. Moreover, at Data Lake we think big, and we are aware of the important role that partners of the caliber of EY play to help drive and sustain a successful launch and future growth.

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