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As October begins, we are proud to share with you the seventh project update with all the incredible news from September! So many amazing things have been going on lately, so let’s get right to it.


HUGE news: we launched our first in-hospital data donation campaign!

We are beyond excited to share that for the last two weeks we have had a physical presence in several Polish healthcare facilities, where so far we have introduced the concept of data donation to hundreds of patients! Fundacja Podaruj Dane (Polish for the Donate Your Data Foundation) is our boots-on-the-ground partner in Poland, and together we have created campaign signage and materials in Polish for patients (as well as custom stickers and chocolate bars for those who become Data Heroes)!

The feedback has been extremely positive, and we have already collected the first consents for medical data donation! That’s right, people are already donating their medical data and our system is working!

All of the founders of Data Lake are medical doctors who have dedicated years to their professions in Europe and Africa. This campaign represented a return to the corridors of the hospitals for them, but this was the first time they spoke with patients directly about data donation and collected the first consents!

The response we’ve had from the people we met in the hospital has been incredibly encouraging and insightful. It proves the viability of our project, and gives us real-world proof that people are willing to contribute their medical data to science (and benefit from it)! As we continue to learn from and improve our pilot program, we’ll also be focusing on increasing our healthcare partner network and building the foundations for European expansion!


More Talks with the European Commission

Chair of the Board Ligia Kornowska and Head of PR & Marketing Dinidh O’Brien met with the European Commission again this month, this time with DG CNECT in Luxembourg. This is the unit that helped write the Data Governance Act, and few people in the world know more about medical data laws than them! We had incredibly productive talks, and discussed how we can further align in the future to together achieve the goals set out in European regulations. We were also introduced to Commission representatives in several other departments, all of whom expressed great interest in the data donation system we are building. We’re thrilled with how well our talks went – and as one person put it, when it comes to healthcare and data it seems our project is being talked about and noticed in the right European circles!


Data Lake Joins the Ernst & Young Startup Academy

Data Lake was among the 10% of the applicants to be selected as part of the Ernst & Young (EY) Startup Academy! It’s a huge honor for us, and a strong sign that our project is impressing the right people. Being part of such program gives us the privilege to consult EY experts about our business model, and to grow our network of new investors, partners, auditors and advisors.


Media Presence, Events & Recognition

Forbes 30-under-30 Feature Data Lake Founders

We’re incredibly proud to announce that both of our founders were selected to be featured in Forbes’ Annual 30-under-30 list for creating Data Lake and the data donation project! Both Wojciech and Ligia were also featured in their 25-under-25 list, so this represents the second time they have been chosen amongst Poland’s top entrepreneurs, business and thought leaders. Congratulations to both – you can read more about their feature in Forbes’ Polish article announcing the news.


ESET Hero of Progress Award for Board Chair Ligia Kornowska

In more exciting news, Ligia has also been given a “Heroes of Progress” award by ESET – a leader in global cybersecurity – for her contributions to medical science through Data Lake in helping build an international medical data donation system. Awardees were also featured in an article on Forbes, which we invite you to read by clicking here. Our congrats to Ligia for this recognition of your tireless work!


Data Donation Presentation by Ligia at Brain Bar in Budapest

Ligia was also invited to give a presentation on our project and medical data donation system at this year’s Brain Bar in Budapest! With more than 15,000 participants and an online viewership of 50,000 or more, the audience includes key opinion leaders and the top tech entrepreneurs and minds from across Europe, and is yet another huge event that we have been invited to in order to present Data Lake! We’ll share media from the event on our social channels, so keep an eye out.


Data Lake at MIT’s DeSci Conference in Boston

Our CEO Wojciech attended the very first DeSci conference in the USA, hosted at MIT. It was incredible to see the growing community behind this new exciting trend, and to meet other people who are passionate about revolutionizing science through decentralization. At the conference they highlighted the recent news about Pfizer investing in VitaDAO, which shows that the biotech industry is starting to take notice of DeSci and Web3 projects in a serious way!


Data Lake features in top-tier media

Fresh off the press, we were just featured in one of Europe’s top tech new sites in Silicon Republic’s Startup of the Week segment! This in-depth feature on our data donation system is a fantastic read, and has plenty of quotes from our founders that you won’t want to miss! We were also featured by InnMind as amongst the “Top 10 Web3 and Blockchain Infrastructure startups to observe in 2022”, alongside some other incredible projects – definitely worth a read as well.

This past month, our press releases were also seen in top-tier media channels as Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance as well as BeInCrypto and Market Watch.

Building a consent-based data donation system, it is fundamental for Data Lake to reach the masses, and that’s why we’re working hard to be continually featured in top-tier media, to ensure a successful launch and an exciting future.


New Team Members

As we approach the date of our full launch, our team has welcomed two experienced blockchain developers:

  • Josef has joined us as Senior Solidity Developer.

Josef is a fullstack web developer with over 6 years of experience, including EVM and Solidity. He previously worked at Moralis, 3PillarGlobal, and various software startups – he is also a fullstack blockchain developer for Gitcoin.

  • Vlad has joined us as Fullstack Blockchain Engineer.

Vlad has worked on several ventures related to crypto and blockchain during the last three years. He was previously at Ethworks and 0xb1 Team (Polkadot, Waffle, Fodl Finance).

💼 We are hiring another In-House Counsel, click here for more information about the job offer and send your CV to!


Closing Thoughts

In order to unlock medical data, we at Data Lake like to imagine each stakeholder as a piece of a large and complex puzzle. Every day we direct our efforts to connecting more and more pieces, and in September the progress made with patient consents, healthcare facilities, investors and public entities has been astonishing. Our concept has been proven. The first consents have been collected. We’re getting ready for the very first data transfer. The next months will be intense too but very exciting, with more major milestones and announcements already lining up for our next newsletter.


Momentum is building, and if you haven’t already it’s the perfect time to connect with us on all our social networks at: Your interactions and support on social media help us reach new people every day, and brings us one step closer to making international medical data donation a reality.


The Data Lake Team

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