We’re incredibly proud to announce that both of our founders Wojciech Sierocki and Ligia Kornowska were today selected to be featured in Forbes’ Annual 30-under-30 list!

Both Wojciech and Ligia were also featured in Forbes’ 25-under-25 list in the past, so this represents the second time they have been chosen amongst Poland’s top entrepreneurs, business and thought leaders.

After a brief presentation of our founders, Forbes introduces Data Lake to its audience:

“Meanwhile, together Ligia Kornowska and Wojciech Sierocki are building Data Lake, a company creating a blockchain-based medical data donation system that allows medical records to be donated anonymously for research – the company collects fees from data recipients, transferring part of the amount to patients in the form of tokens, and part to medical entities.”

Read the complete announcement and list of people and business featured in Forbes’ Polish article and stay connected with us by visiting https://data-lake.co/social/ .

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