Dear community and investors,

It has been an absolutely tremendous month for Data Lake. We’ve been making significant progress on all fronts of the business, as well as hitting some MAJOR project milestones. There’s a lot to cover, so let’s get right to it!


First Data Provider Secured!

Starting with the biggest news, we are incredibly proud to be able to announce that a Medical Entity affiliated under one of the most prominent medical universities in Europe has formally signed an agreement to become our first Data Provider. This is a huge and very crucial step towards building a global medical data donation network, as it provides the very first input to our system of medical data based on patient consent! With one of the final pieces of our system now in place, this milestone brings us significantly closer to securing the first flow of donated medical data and Data Lake going fully live. It is also significant in terms of proof-of-concept, as it demonstrates that hospitals and clinics recognise the potential value in our system, and are willing to commit to become data providers!


OrangeDAO Investment

In more major news, we are thrilled to share with you that we have secured investment from OrangeDAO! Representing more than 1000 YCombinator alumni, OrangeDAO is the web3 arm of Orange Fund, and provides early-stage funding to disruptive crypto companies.

On why they selected us for investment, they wrote:

As OrangeDAO, we invested in Data Lake because we see the global potential in the medical data donation system they are building. Their value proposition has world-changing implications, and we’re excited to support their mission to use blockchain to revolutionize medical science.

Along with a wealth of knowledge, startup expertise, and a large network, investment from OrangeDAO and its group of YCombinator alumni shows to the investment community at large that our project is well worth taking notice of.


Talks with the European Commission

Last week, chairperson of the board Ligia Kornowska and our head of PR and Marketing Dinidh O’Brien were invited to a round-table discussion at the European Commission’s DG SANTE in Brussels to discuss our data donation scheme, medical innovation in Poland, and much more. It was an incredible opportunity to meet some of the people who proposed the data laws we are complying with – they understand the importance of data in medical innovation, and we opened the start of what will be an important dialogue as Data Lake looks towards European expansion in the coming months and years!


Media & Press

Data Lake is built to reach Data Donors on the scale of the millions. For this reason, education and media presence is fundamental.

This month, we’re proud to have been featured in an article shared on both Yahoo Finance as well as MarketWatch! Our CEO Wojciech was hosted by Encyklopedia Kryptowalut for a YouTube interview (In Polish), and our chair of the board Ligia was invited to participate in an AMA with DeSci Collective. We also held our second “AMA with the founders” on the Data Lake Telegram, where we answered all of the latest community questions!

Finally, we also posted an article on the potential of AI in medicine and just how crucial the right data is to these incredible upcoming developments in medical science:



  • Sonia Staniek has joined us as our in-house lawyer! Sonia comes with extensive experience in law; she has previously provided legal services for several firms in the media and software development industries, and will be bringing her expertise to Data Lake as our operations continue to grow and we look towards international expansion.
    💼 We are hiring another Solidity Engineer, check the following link for more information about the job offer and send your CV to [email protected]!


Final thoughts

As we approach the public launch of our product and our token LAKE, reaching milestones as meeting the European Commission and signing a deal with the first Data Provider settles the basis to build strong fundamentals for the years of the process of democratization of medical data to come.

We are excited to keep working always at a higher pace and with more team members to make our project available soon and our mission finally possible.

In case you haven’t done it already, join us on all the social medias in which we present at


The Data Lake team

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