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It has been another incredible month here at Data Lake, and a lot has happened in June that we’re excited to share with you! Don’t forget to check out our previous project updates to see the rest of our accomplishments and milestones, but for the latest – read on!

First Confirmed Data Order

Let’s start with the best news we’ve had this month – we’re beyond thrilled to be able to announce that the written agreement for a data order has been received! This confirmed data order of over 100k euros is a huge milestone for our project, as it is tangible proof of what we have long known to be true: there is huge demand for high-quality, anonymized medical data! It also aligns with what we’ve heard from all the other data buyers and researchers we’ve spoken with – they need as much data as we can give them, and they want it as soon as is feasible. We’re already working as fast as humanly possible to refine our MVP and launch the fully-fledged Data Donation System, but this “proof of demand” has injected a boost of energy into our already-enthusiastic and excited team.

We can’t wait to start fulfilling orders from researchers just like this one in the near future!

Participation and representation of data donation scheme at EU level and HOPE.

The Council of the European Union has approved the Data Governance Act. This act promotes the availability of data in EU and builds a trustworthy environment to facilitate their use for research and the creation of innovative new services and products. Data Governance Act is about creating data altruism and data donation scheme.

We at Data Lake have been very enthusiastic to acknowledge that also the EU itself feels the urgency to create an environment for new companies dedicated to the easing of the use of data to emerge. Data Lake, which is already been funded by the EU in the past, is ready to take the challenge and unlock medical data. We are confident to be among the firsts in line to serve this purpose and will not miss to deliver our product in what seems to be the perfect timing! We are laser-focused to fully leverage the first mover advantage on the newly created data market facilitated by the EU, the new rules will come into force in 2023.

Moreover, our President of the Board Ligia Kornowska was invited to present Donate your Data Foundation and Data Lake at the “Workshop on the European data altruism” organized by European Commission. Data Lake’s IT system was the only one among the ones presented capable to show a ready-to-use solution for collecting patients’ consent.

Finally, Ligia also facilitated a meeting of the Board of Governors of HOPE, the European Hospital and Healthcare Federation. One of our key advisors – Dr Jaroslaw Federowski – attended the event as a HOPE board member, and after a very successful meeting had the following to say: “I asked about medical data donation and the answer was that that aspect is important for EU patients and has general support from the European Commission. I am happy to say that under auspices of Polska Federacja Szpitali , medical data donation project is moving forward.

It is clear from all of these high-level discussions that both at the national and European level, there is strong support for the altruistic medical data donation system that we are building at Data Lake!

AI In Health Conference, Warsaw

Our Global Head of Marketing & PR Dinidh O’Brien was invited to present Data Lake at the AI in Health conference in Warsaw this month. Organizers and sponsors of the event included the European Union, General Electric, Google for Startups and many important medical associations and thought-leaders. In his presentation on Blockchain in Healthcare, he introduced Data Lake and our medical data donation system as proof that DLT has the potential to empower revolutionary medical research. Very encouragingly the message from other speakers was quite clear – there is a desperate need from researchers for high-quality and representative medical data, and we’re now even more convinced the only solution is a privacy-respecting system like Data Lake.

Data Lake AI in Healthcare Conference

Watch the presentation on our newly launched Youtube Channel!

Blockchain Ventures Hub Partnership

We’re excited to announce yet another partnership, this time between Data Lake and Blockchain Ventures Hub! With the goal of accelerating blockchain adoption globally, BVHub is a collaboration space for founders, VC’s, developers & blockchain experts. Access to their vast network will help us with international expansion, fundraising, and securing the best launchpads for Data Lake! We’re thrilled to be partnering with them, especially because – just like us – they believe blockchain technology is meant for more than just finance, but enables humanity to create value by sharing and collaborating.

Team expansion

We strengthen our deep-tech & crypto capabilities.

  • Bartosz Chodnicki is joining us as our full-time senior back-end developer

Bartosz is experienced with several programing languages, as well as designing scalable, robust solutions for Big Data and MLops systems. His knowledge and experience will form a crucial part of the successful launch of our medical data donation scheme, and he has already contributed a wealth of knowledge to the design and infrastructure of our back-end system!

  • Oliver Šlapal is Joining us as an Advisor

Oliver is an Artificial Intelligence undergraduate with 5+ Years Experience in coding and blockchain. He has a successful track record in startups and consulting, and is a founding board member of blockchain company Metative.

  • DCBuilder is Joining us as an Advisor

DCBuilder is a crypto research engineer, educator, and the creator of DCBuilder’s main areas of expertise are software development, cryptography, Zero Knowledge protocols, blockchain scaling solutions and public goods.

Medical Data Consent at Scale

Talking technical, we have integrated the KIR (National Settlement Chamber) – a provider of highly trusted KYC solutions – to Data Lake!

KIR is the KYC system that the Polish banking system uses, as well as the National Citizen and Healthcare Platform. We will be using their KYC service for our Consent Platform. This integration will allow us to scale when reaching the masses while relying on a trusted and tested KYC system!

Other developments….

Our BD team is in advanced discussions with hospitals and data buyers, stay tuned for exciting news to come on this front.

Mark your calendars for our first community AMA!

We will be holding our first community AMA video chat on July 5th at 8:00 pm (CET)! We’ve received some amazing questions from the community already, and we’re excited to answer them live during our VC! If you already have a question you would like to see asked, feel free to post it in our telegram group chat so that we can include it in our line-up. For those unable to make it, we’ll post the video recording on our Youtube channel after the stream.

We can’t wait to see you in the AMA!

Final thoughts

June has been crucial for us to close new partnerships, further develop our product, welcome new team members and most of all, to exponentially grow Data Lake’s awareness among potential data buyers and institutions. A tangible result of our efforts is the letter of intent for our first data order, and we are confident that it is only the first taste of how valuable the infrastructure that Data Lake is building will be for the healthcare industry as a whole.

Our team is working every day to achieve the milestones that we have set, and we are well on our way towards the launch of Data Lake and the token $LAKE by the end of the current year.

About the $LAKE token, If you want to enter the seed round and join the waiting list for the last tokens available, please fill in this form and enter the queue, we’ll be happy to reach you as soon as possible.

Our message is strong only if known and shared by many. With this in mind, we are anticipating a significant boost to our marketing efforts in July in order to grow our brand recognition among citizens and patients from all over the world.

Thank you for being part of this amazing journey towards revolutionizing healthcare and society as a whole. Be sure that you are following our social media channels to not miss any of our next updates, click here to access our media channels in one page. Also, don’t miss the AMA on the 5th of July on our Telegram chat!

The Data Lake Team

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