Dear community and investors!

The following is our third project update, a recap of what Data Lake has achieved in May and a hint on what’s coming next.

After achieving important milestones with our data consent system development, rebranding Data Lake and securing the first data orders (check our previous updates to learn more), it was time to further expand our presence among institutional healthcare and blockchain-focussed entities, inaugurate our office and – most importantly – move substantially closer to completing our starting dream team.


Media activities

In the past month, we have further improved our presence among institutions in the medtech sector. Ligia Kornowska – our President of the Board – was invited to and gave speeches in two conferences,:

During the current early phases of Data Lake, networking is fundamental. The conferences Ligia attended have helped us spread the word about the need for a fair medical data exchange infrastructure and – most importantly – helped us obtain expert opinions from and personal contact with thought and policy-leaders from all over the world. This is something which will come very much in handy during the next phases.

Last but not least, our President of the Board has also been named one of the Top 100 Women in AI and invited to the “Women in Tech Summit“, an award that further establishes our team’s reputation as innovators.


WeFund Partnership: WeFund is a community crowdfunding and incubation launchpad with a focus on real-world projects implementing blockchain in their models. WeFund will be helpful for us to reach new investors and launchpads, expanding our network, as well as to review and sustain our marketing initiatives, bringing us a step closer to the fulfillment of our mission.

Through the Donate Your Data foundation, Data Lake has arranged new partnerships with two additional heavy-weight Polish organizations:

  • Porozumienie Zielonogórskie, the biggest organization for primary care entities.

  • The Polish National Oncological Federation “Ogólnopolska Federacja Onkologiczn, an organization made up by seven of the most known oncological patient organizations and whose president Dorota Korycińska is a member of Patient Organization Council in the Polish Ministry of Health.

We are getting noticed and receiving incredible feedback from other medtech organizations, and a growing number of partnerships will be announced in the coming months.

In this regard, we have some big news coming soon! We can’t release details just yet, so make sure you are signed up for our newsletter and that you’re part of our telegram community so you don’t miss anything!

Partnerships are fundamental as they make our mission of reaching and empowering as many people as possible a scalable one. If you are or represent someone in the healthcare field and would like to talk with us, please reach out at, we will be glad to have a chat!


Team Expansion:

We’re thrilled to share with you that our team is yet again growing, with several roles that are key to our success now filled! We have hired two (2!) experienced devs that will work full time at Data Lake to create the final version of our medical data consensus infrastructure, and more will come soon. Our marketing team is also expanding: we have welcomed in our team a talent in video and graphic arts. Meet the new team members below!

  • Franek Król is joining us as Head of Product.

Franek is an experienced Polish developer and an IT graduate from the Polish-Japanese Institute of Computer Science. In the last years, he was responsible for 80 software developers and has now decided to join the Data Lake team full-time as Head of Product.

  • Mariusz Jarząbek is joining us as Senior Frontend Developer.

Mariusz is a Polish front-end developer, and has worked in the web industry for over two decades, focussing on everything related to front-end, with expertise in Javascript and React. He also has remarkable experience in the medical market, as he was one of the first developers in After this and many others experiences, Mariusz joined Data Lake because he sees it as an incredible tool to scale the provision of quality healthcare.

Data Lake already has our MVP ready, but the experience and contribution of Franek, Mariusz and of the other devs who are soon going join the team will be crucial to bringing it to the next level. With their help and expertise we’ll work towards building our definitive product; the tool for true democratization of data, a disruptive innovation that will benefit millions of patients and tens of thousands doctors and researchers worldwide.

  • Paweł Wojtaszczyk is joining us as Business Development Manager – Paweł is marrying the best of two worlds, he is a seasoned BD manager for the pharma industry, and at the same time is is finalizing his PhD thesis in molecular biology. Paweł will be leading the willing BD team, that will be laser-focussed on securing first data flows and ramp up at speed and at scale.

  • Sofi Introcaso is joining us as multimedia and graphics artist. If you’ve noticed the new animations on our website, you’ve already seen Sofi’s work! Originally from Argentina but now living in Spain, she has a technical degree in Film & Visual Arts and wide-ranging experience from visual production to creative project management. As we begin to create and launch our awareness and PR campaigns in full force, Sofi’s work will be key to winning over hearts and minds with our visual identity and communications assets.

Please note that we are not done hiring: we are looking for a:

  • Influencer Manager that could help us striking deals and long-lasting partnerships with key opinion leaders in the medical and crypto field, making the Data Lake mission reach millions to truly express our potential. Apply to join our team: click here for more information.

  • In-house lawyer that could help us in building governance for a transparent, efficient global data donation system, and will be in discussions with data holders and data receivers to make data transfer a reality. Apply to join our team: click here for more information.


Investment Announcements

In the last month, we have collected hundreds of thousands of dollars in private investments, and we are now close to securing funds for all the $LAKE tokens dedicated to our seed rounds. If you want to enter the seed round and join the waiting list for the last tokens available, please fill in this form and enter the queue, we’ll be happy to reach you as soon as possible.

With the closing of our seed rounds, we are therefore proceeding with the next round of fundraising; we’re glad to announce that we are open for institutional capital partners who are willing to join our quest of establishing a whole new standard of ethical access to medical data globally. If this sounds exciting – we’d be happy to chat! Check out our pitchdeck by clicking here and contact us on office@data-lake!


Product and market development – we’re keeping an eye on the ball

Shifting gears in BD – with the BD team in place we are ready to scale up our activities in developing the medical data market for R&D purposes. We are currently working on identifying first integration cases, as well as on development of the list of contacts to data holders and buyers.

Stabilizing IT consent system – Our IT team is currently taking over the system from our external IT partner, after stabilizing the MVP we will shift towards optimizing it ahead of the consent collection campaign.

We want to make sure that our project provides unique value proposition in solving real-world problems, and that the fundamentals are robust. We think that this is the only way for Data lake to achieve long-term success, regardless of crypto volatility on the market.


Communication campaigns and other news

  • A new home for our ideas: the Data Lake Office

Although our team is international and partially works remotely, we believe that our ideas and efforts should have a physical home. Introducing the Data Lake Office, a place for working for the future of healthcare in the heart of Warsaw, Poland.

  • Sowing awareness

Building awareness is the first step towards empowering individuals regarding medical data usage, helping them become participants in the data economy, and unlocking the incredible research potential of medical data worldwide. For this purpose, we are continuously working on building our knowledge base, which now includes an article of introduction “What is Data Lake?“, an article explaining the synergies between our product and the blockchain named “Data Lake and the Blockchain“, and our latest article about data ownership and data exchange: “What is the data economy and what part does Data Lake play in it“.

More articles will be coming in the following weeks, including a deep dive into our tokenomics – so be sure to keep an eye on our website and social media channels so as not to miss anything!

  • Media campaign incoming 👀

Our mission is global, and our reach will be too. We have designed both marketing and PR campaigns that will help us reach patients, hospitals, and researchers from all around the world. Over the coming months we’ll be building momentum strategically across all media channels, particularly leading up to hitting key roadmap milestones. More details to be shared 🔜!


Final thoughts

The poor market conditions, including the Terra blockchain collapse (that did not affect our holdings!), only contribute to motivating us in this phase of building, building and building the foundations of our product. We have left May with an almost-completed team and an enhanced reputation and awareness in key sectors. With new important investments collected, we enter June with great expectations and some incredible developments that we can’t wait to share with you once everything is confirmed.

Thank you for being part of this amazing journey towards revolutionizing healthcare and society as a whole. Be sure that you are following our social media channels to not miss any of our next updates, click here to access our media channels in one page.

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